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AKRacing Onyx Office Series gaming chair review

Akracing makes an impressive line of racing style gaming chairs. The company also makes a Series of gaming chairs for office workers. Those are gaming chairs with subdued styles designed to appeal to conservative tastes. The AKRacing Onyx is the flagship office gaming chair. This AKRAcing Onyx review explains why this is a solid option for full-time desk workers.

AKRacing Onyx office gaming chair review
These are luxury executive chairs with pro ergonomic features.

The Onyx is the most expensive AKRacing gaming chair. On the AKRacing website, the PU leather edition sells for $599. For $100, you can upgrade to a full-grain leather edition. Both models offer pro features that match up well with the best pro esports chairs. The Onyx stands out from other AKRacing chairs with an executive design optimized for office workers.

AKRacing Onyx gaming office chair specs

The AKRacing Office Series computer chair comes in two all-black options. The default option comes with a PU leather cover. For an extra $100, users can upgrade to a full-grain leather model. That has full-grain leather on the seat and backrest contact points, with PU leather trim. Both options are very attractive, with an executive look and feel.

Onyx office chair features

This breakdown of specs covers both the PU leather and full-grain leather models.

Onyx chair features

AKRacing Onyx chairs come with the same suite of features that pro esports chairs do. At the highest level, pro gaming chairs come with 4D armrests, a multifunction tilt lock, deep recline, and high-end cold-foam padding.

Onyx chair features

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; multifunction tilt-lock (3-18° range); recline to 180°.
  • Comfort: high density cold foam padding; lumbar support pillow; extra-large headrest cushion.
  • Support: heavy duty steel frame that supports up to 290 pounds; aluminium base, Class 4 gas lift.

The point of having these features is to provide comfortable posture support for long periods. However, even sitting with perfect posture is not enough — movement while sitting is important. To that end, Onyx chairs provide several options.

When using an Onyx chair, an easy way to move your body is by adjusting the backrest forward or back by a few degrees. Another option is to use the multifunction mechanism to tilt and lock the seat at an angle. There is also a rocking option. On top of everything, you can also adjust the armrests in four directions. Change the positions often to keep your arms and shoulders active while you sit.

Buy the Onyx from AKRacing for $599

The Onyx PU leather edition is available on Amazon for $569.00. The top-grain leather model is also available for $699.00.


Onyx gaming office chairs have flat, wide seats and spacious dimensions that should suit most average to above-average-sized adults. Dimensions are similar to other large pro esports chairs, except for the floor to seat range. Compared to other chairs, the Onyx sits around two inches lower at its lowest setting.

  • Seat width x depth: 23.6″ (W) x 19.7″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 22.8″ (W), 33.8″ (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 17.8″ to 20.3″ (W)
  • Total height: 47.6″ to 50.1″


Beyond the rich pro ergonomic features, the Onyx chair’s best asset is the industry-leading durability.

AKRacing chairs are famous for using a superb blend of cold-cured foam padding. Every time you get out of the chair, the foam will pop back into its original shape. Over five years or more, you can expect the foam to look and perform like new.

Onyx office chair upholstery and padding

Five years after you buy an Onyx, it should still look and feel like new. The most likely to degrade after that is the upholstery. To extend upholstery life, consider paying $100 for the full-grain leather upgrade. That will give you a softer, more breathable seat with a richer feeling. As a bonus, full-grain leather wears down a lot slower than PU leather.

Buy the Onyx from AKRacing for $599

The Onyx PU leather edition is available on Amazon for $569.00. The top-grain leather model is also available for $699.00.

Office gaming chair alternatives

Pro esports players use gaming chairs to support healthy sitting over long periods of training. Office workers wanting the same benefits should choose pro-quality gaming chairs instead of cheap ones. While both cheap and expensive gaming chairs support good posture, pro chairs do it better. With high-end chairs, you get richer features, superior cold-foam padding, and outstanding durability.

AKRacing Obsidian

There are two other products in the AKRacing Office Series collection. Both have lesser features and a lower price than the Onyx chair.

The Obsidian chair comes in a choice of Carbon Black PU leather or Softtouch Suede. The latter features a breathable faux suede material on the seat and backrest contact points. Beyond the contact points are conventional PU leather.

AKRacing Obsidian gaming chair


Unlike the Onyx, Obsidian chairs only come with 3D armrests. They also lack a multifunction tilt lock. That means you can rock the chair, but not lock the seat at angles.

  • Functionality: 3D armrests; tilt tension and rocking; recline to 180°.
  • Comfort: high density cold foam padding; neck and lumbar support pillows.
  • Upholstery: choice of Carbon Black PU leather ($479) or Softtouch Suede ($529)

Chair dimensions

Here is a dimensions comparison of all three AKRacing Office Series chairs:

Seat width x depth 23.6″ (W) x 19.7″ (D)21.6″ (W) x 19.3″ (D)23.25" (W) x 20.5" (D)
Backrest width x height22.8″ (W), 33.8″ (H)21.6″ (W), 33″ (H)24.25" (W) x 34.25" (H)
Seat thickness5.25"4.25"5"
Floor to seat range19.75″ to 21.75″18.25″ to 21″ 19″ to 21.75″
Chair height47.6″ to 50.1″51.4" to 54"51.4" to 54.4"
Size rating5’7″ to 6'7″; 330 pounds5’5″ to 6'5″; 330 pounds5'4" to 6'4"; 330 pounds
AKRacing Price$599 to $699$479$369


The Obsidian has smaller dimensions and lesser features than the Onyx chair. It also costs $120 less on the AKRacing website. The main appeal for office workers is the styling.

Buy the Obsidian from AKRacing for $479

The Obsidian Office chair is also available on Amazon for $405.34.

AKRacing Opal

The AKRacing Opal is the cheapest chair in the AKRacing Office Series. This is a mesh fabric chair very similar to the AKRacing Core Series EX. The main difference between the two models is styling. Core Series EX chairs come in multicolor styles, while the Opal is all-black.

AKRacing Opal office gaming chair


Like the Obsidian chair, the Opal has consumer-level features instead of pro ones. There’s no multifunction tilt-lock, and 3D armrests instead of 4D.

  • Functionality: 3D armrests; tilt tension and rocking; recline to 180°.
  • Comfort: high density cold foam padding; neck and lumbar support pillows.
  • Upholstery: black polyester breathable fabric

Opal chairs are a touch more spacious than Obsidian chairs, but smaller than Onyx chairs. These are a good option for average-sized adults with slim figures.


The Opal has consumer-quality features, but solid durability. These are simple chairs with standard features that do the job without frills or flair.

Buy the Opal from AKRacing for $369

The Opal Office chair is also available on Amazon for $293.78.

Other office-style gaming chairs

The AKRacing Onyx has similar features as AKRacing’s flagship gaming chair, the Master Series Pro. The feature that designates the Onyx as an ‘office chair’ is the subdued, conservative styling.

Several other top brands also make high-end office-friendly designs. Both the Secretlab Titan and Maxnomic Office Comfort offer slightly superior features for a cheaper price. Beyond the Onyx chair, a few brands offer a higher level of quality.

Best gaming chairs for non-gamer office workers
The best Onyx alternatives also have rich ergonomic features and executive styling.

We’ve compiled the best into a single review. All options offer rich ergonomic features and office styling. The AKRacing Onyx ranks #4 on the list:

Best gaming chairs for office workers


The AKRacing Onyx is a high-end office-style gaming chair. Its dark colors and clean, symmetrical lines give a polished, professional look. The features match up to the impressive looks. Onyx chairs come with the same features as the world’s best pro esports gaming chairs.

Onyx gaming chairs for full-time desk workers

Thick layers of cold-foam padding on the seat and backrest are very dense and resilient. The tall backrest and recline options help to support good posture over long periods of deskwork. 4D armrests make it easy to synch the chair with your desk and also your body.

AKRacing Onyx gaming chairs
Onyx chairs offer executive styling and pro ergonomic features for a premium price.

Best of all, AKRacing offers the best warranty in the industry. Parts come with a 5-year guarantee, while the steel frame comes with a 10-year guarantee. Throughout the warranty period, expect consistent, comfortable support that lets you sit longer, feel better, and be more productive.

Buy the Onyx from AKRacing for $599

The Onyx PU leather edition is available on Amazon for $569.00. The top-grain leather model is also available for $699.00.

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