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Best selling console gaming chairs of 2020

Gaming on a sofa or the floor is bad for your back. Console gaming chairs are a comfortable solution. They’re portable, give good back support and fit well in most living rooms. Amazon’s top seller lists give the best idea of which console chairs the masses are buying. This article reviews their top selling console gaming chairs of 2020.

Best selling console gaming chairs of 2020
Console chairs are starter models for home gamers.

Usually, console gaming chairs are starters for those just getting into gaming. Most home gamers start off with a console, a couch and a television. When back pain strikes, many will bypass PC gaming chairs and look at console versions. That’s because a PC gaming chair needs a desk, a gaming rig, external monitors and more. With console chairs, you can put them in the living room for gaming, then stash them away when not gaming.

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Best selling console chairs of 2020

Choosing the right console gaming chair can be tricky. With PC chairs, you can look at things like quality of leather and ergonomic features. But most console chairs use generic padding and leathers. Ergonomics exist, but are not priority. Features for the most part are predictable (Bluethooth music, massage units, etc).

As a result, our criteria for the “best console chairs” is Amazon’s best seller lists. Specifically, their best selling gaming chairs list. The list includes both PC and console chairs. For this review, we’ve cherry picked out the console chairs.

As a result, this guide shows with crystal clarity which console gaming chairs the masses prefer. Here are the top selling console gaming chairs to date in 2020.

The Crew Classic Rocker

Current price: $40.00

It’s basic, kid-sized and cheap. The Crew Classic Video Rocker is the #1-ranked console chair on Amazon’s best seller list. It’s miles behind the #1 ranked Homall Classic PC chair, but far ahead of the #2-ranked console model.

The Crew Furniture Classic Video rocker
This is a cheap, basic, kid-sized console rocker.

Sized to fit ages 3-10, the Crew Classic Video Rocker is a basic first gaming chair for your kid. There are five color options in a choice of mesh fabric or faux leather styles. The faux leather versions are easy to clean with a quick wipe of a damp cloth. The mesh versions are more breathable but better cleaned with a conventional vacuum.


Don’t expect many features at this low price point. This 11-pound chair uses a wood frame stuffed with polyurethane foam.

Crew Classic rocker color options
Six color options are available.

Dimensions are (W x D x H): 16″ (W) x 24″ (D) x 32″ (H). No warranty information is available.

Buying advice

This basic chair provides kids a better gaming option than sitting on the floor. Given the low price and lack of warranty, you shouldn’t expect more than a few months of use from this chair.

The real value of the Crew Classic Rocker is to educate kids at an early stage about gaming ergonomics. Most kids game on the floor because they don’t know any better.

The Crew Furniture Classic Video rocker for kids
A cheap starter model to teach kids about gaming ergonomics.

That’s a problem when you consider that bad posture is habit-forming. If kids game for long periods while on the floor, poor posture can sneak in unnoticed. After a while, slouching and associated health risks might become the norm.

Crew Classic Rocker on Amazon $40.00

X Rocker V Rocker

Current price: $138.45

The X Rocker V Rocker SE is the #2 ranked console chair on Amazon’s best selling gaming chair list. It’s an adult-sized version of the Crew Classic Kids’ Rocker, with extra music features. As with the Crew Classic, this is a starter chair for budding gamers looking up upgrade from the floor or sofa.

X Rocker V Rocker SE
The V Rocker SE is an adult-sized rocker with music.

The big difference from the Crew Classic is the music functionality. The X Rocker V Rocker SE comes with wireless audio transmission. There are two speakers near the headrest and a subwoofer at the back. The result is pounding vibrations from inside the chair as you game or watch movies.


The advantage of the wireless music is to keep your living room clean. The wireless transmitter takes 2 AAA batteries. Plug those in, then connect the inputs to outputs of your console or TV. Both the transmitter and chairs are set to Channel 1.

Music aside, the X Rocker V Rocker SE is a 29-pound breathable foam mesh console rocker. The ergonomic features are basic. You get full rocking ability plus a padded headrest. Use the rocker to adjust position whenever your back gets tired.

X Rocker V Rocker SE music controls
Music controls on the side of the chair connect with most gaming consoles.

The real attraction is the music functionality. This model connects to Xbox, PlayStation, Gameboy, MP3/CD/DVD, and home theatre systems. While headphones are’t necessary, using them results in a crisp, immersive gaming experience.

Buying advice

The first time you hook up your console to this chair, prepare to get blown away when you fire up a game. The deep rumbling base makes you feel part of the action. With headphones plugged in, it becomes an immersive experience. When you lean back in awe, the soft padding supports your back. It’s brilliant!

By the third time you use this chair, the novelty wears off. At that point, you’ll notice that sitting for more than an hour is uncomfortable.

X Rocker V Rocker SE review
The X Rocker V Rocker SE is a poor choice for adults.

The more you use the V Rocker, the flatter that padding becomes. That will limit comfortable gaming sessions even further. After a few months, expect 15-minute sessions or less before discomfort kicks in.

On top of that, using a chair for music is like using a frypan as a hammer. It works, but isn’t ideal. In fact, many users complain that the speakers burn out fast.

For these reasons, adults and audiophiles should give this product a pass. The X Rocker V Rocker is best for kids seeking a larger option than the Crew Classic. From that angle, it’s a cheap, decent console chair.

V Rocker on Amazon $138.45

Homall Gaming Recliner

Current price: $138.98

Homall holds a special place in gaming chair history. DXRacer was the first to launch a gaming chair. Homall was the first to reverse-engineer their model. They succeeded by copying the DXRacer build inside and out. Not only did their knockoffs look like DXRacers, they worked the same as well.

In 2019, Homall applied this same formula to console recliners. The Homall Gaming Recliner was an instant hit. It’s now the third best-selling console chair on Amazon’s list.

Homall console recliner
Some caption

Compared to their Classic PC chair, Homall’s gaming recliner is bigger. It also has more padding. That said, both versions are for small sizes. Homall hasn’t released sizing information for this model. Based on Amazon reviews, this product is best for kids and people sized under 5’9″.


The Homall Gaming recliner borrows some elements from Homall’s best-selling Classic PC chair. Those are the high density sponge padding and PU leather cover. Both hold up well under part-time use. Given that the Homall Recliner is an evening lounge chair, part-time use is perfect.

Homall recliner features
Some caption

This recliner supports up to 265 pounds. Dimensions:

  • Seat: 25.5″(W) x 29.1″(D)
  • Backrest: 20.9″(W) x 29.1″(H)

Features are impressive for a recliner at this price. There are three recline modes from 90° to 180°. For ergonomics, there are fixed lumbar and headrest supports. When you lean back into the recliner, those supports fit into the indents at your neck and lower back. Their purpose is to keep your spine in optimal alignment.

This setup works. The chair feels solid and well padded with solid ergonomic support.

Other features include a side pouch for storing your stuff plus non-marking pads to protect your floors.

Buying advice

The Homall Recliner offers some of the best ergonomic support we’ve seen on a console chair. That’s why Homall touts this as a replacement for PC chairs. Compared to their Classic PC chair, this model has more padding and a wider seat.

Homall gaming recliner as desk chair
Homall claims their recliner is a bigger and fluffier option than a PC gaming chair.

On the downside, this model weighs 63 pounds and doesn’t fold away for easy storage. It’s too big for small bedrooms. That means it would have to become a permanent part of your living room.

Keep in mind that this is a compact recliner. Are you fine with a kid-sized recliner as the centerpiece of your living room? If yes, this is a sturdy option with decent ergonomics.

Note that Homall offers no warranty information for this product. Their standard coverage is one year, which we assume also applies to this recliner. Given the build, getting a year of use out of this product is reasonable.

Homall Gaming Recliner on Amazon $138.98

X Rocker SE Pedestal Rocker

Current price: $125.50

This is the pedestal version of the X Rocker V floor rocker. The base raises the chair off the floor and adds 360° swivel plus tilt functions. It also comes with a pair of (non-adjustable) padded armrests.

X Rocker Se 2.1 pedestal console gaming chair
Compact pedestal rocker with built-in speakers and wireless music.

Like the previous X Rocker, the highlight is a built-n music console. The X Rocker SE 2.1 includes a wireless transmitter that plugs into your TV or gaming console.

X Rocker SE 2.1 music panel
X Rocker SE music control panel

Two headrest speakers and a rear subwoofer power the chair’s sound. You can also plug in headphones for a more immerse experience.


This is a compact chair that stands 42″ off the ground with the base attach. The seat is a slim-fitting 21.1″ wide and the chair supports up to 275 pounds.

X Rocker SE 2.1 pedestal chair features
This model weighs 39.5 pounds and folds in half for easy storage.

Given the dimensions, this is a suitable fit for kids and small adults. Adults with wide hips over 5’10” might find the fit too snug for comfort.

X Rocker has a basic warranty: returns accepted until 30 days after purchase. ” Unless the product is defective, the customer is responsible for all shipping fees.”


  • Upholstery: foam padding, PU leather cover
  • Ergonomics: padded seat & backrest; tilt and swivel base.
  • Music: built-in speakers with headphone jack and wireless receiver.
  • Compatibility: Xbox, PlayStation, Gameboy, MP3/CD/DVD, home theater systems.

Buying advice

The X Rocker SE Pedestal Rocker provides decent padding and support. The tilt function on the base allows gamers to change position on-the-fly. That keeps the back comfortable with adequate support for long gaming sessions.

On the downside, the durability is questionable. Many users report problems with speakers after a few months. Also, the padding tends to sag after several months of heavy use.

For young gamers, the X Rocker SE Pedestal Rocker is a decent starter chair. For short, slim adults, it’s a cheap option with nice features and comfortable support.

X Rocker SE on Amazon $125.50

Homall Power Lift Massage Recliner

Current price: $299.00

The Homall Power Lift Recliner is the fourth highest-ranked console chair. Aside from the ranking, there’s little here that’s optimized for console gaming.

Homall power lift massage recliner
Images: Homall

It’s a plush faux leather model with extra thick padding, power reclining and a massage unit. There are two cupholders in each armrest and a side pocket. It definitely works as a console chair, but also as a La-Z-Boy style TV chair.


It’s made by Homall and ranked as a best selling console chair, but this feels more like a standard living room sofa.

Homall Power Lift Recliner features
Features include power footrest lift, heating points and massage units.

Gaming-specific features are two cup holders and a side bag to hold controllers. That’s it.

  • Upholstery: foam padding, PU leather cover.
  • Ergonomics: extra-wide headrest and padded armrests.
  • Massage: 4 units embedded throughout the chair; 5 rhythms, 2 intensities.
  • Heating: 4 units embedded throughout the chair.
  • Footrest recline: power mode will raise or lower the recline on demand.

Buying advice

This model ranks among top-selling console chairs becomes it comes from Homall. Otherwise, it’s a living room recliner. Among recliners, the Homall Power Lift offers good value for money.

It works fine for console gaming, but no better than a conventional living room recliner. If you’re looking for a gaming optimized chair, there are also tons of better options.

Homall Gaming Recliner on Amazon $299.00

Respawn-900 Racing Recliner

Current price: $347.92

Amazon’s sixth best-selling console chair is our favorite on this list. It’s an innovative design that looks like a dream chair for console gamers.

Respawn 900 gaming recliner
Some caption

Respawn made their mark in the industry with innovative designs. For example, the Respawn 110 is the best selling PC gaming chair with footrest on Amazon. Also popular is the Respawn RSP-200, a budget PC chair with mesh backrest and integrated lumbar. Last year, they even came out with a series of official Fornite gaming chairs.

Respawn Brand review: their best gaming chairs

Respawn-900 gaming chair closeup
This unique model comes in five striking color combinations.

The Respawn-900 is one of the most innovative designs released in 2019. It’s part PC gaming chair, part recliner, and part pedestal rocker.


The upper backrest works like a conventional PC gaming chair. Padded wings support the shoulders, while a neck pillow supports your head. Backrest recline goes down to 135°. That’s the optimal angle for watching movies or reading, but not deep enough for a nap.

Respawn 900 features
Enjoy the best features of PC chairs, console chairs and pedestal rockers.

Moving down from the backrest, the Respawn-900 morphs into a footrest recliner. Armrests have thick padding and a drink holder on the left side.

Moving under the seat, the Respawn-900 morphs yet again into a pedestal rocker. The chair attaches to a flat base with 360° swivel. Summary of features:

  • Build: the chair and footrest provide a continuous surface to support the legs.
  • Recline: backrest recline to 135°; backrest and footrest operate independently.
  • Base: supports 275 pounds plus 360° swivel.
  • Warranty: Respawn limited lifetime warranty (details).

The base is not height adjustable. That’s ok for console or mobile gaming, but it might be a problem if you want to use this model with a desk.

Dimensions are suitable for slim adults up to 5’10”:

  • Chair height: 44.88″
  • Interior arm width: 18.9″
  • Total weight: 48.5 pounds

Buying advice

The Respawn 900 has an innovative design that should appeal to most console gamers. Although it doesn’t have rolling casters, the chair isn’t hard to move from room to room when needed.

Reviews on Amazon are good for the most part. On the downside, several users have complained of poor quality upholstery.

Respawn 900 gaming chair in living room
This is a pricey chair with unique design and decent features for console gamers.

Respawn-900 Recliner on Amazon $347.92

Respawn claims to offer a lifetime warranty, but that’s not realistic for a chair of this quality. With part-time use, we estimate this product can last for up to one year. After that, expect the padding to flatten out. With flattened padding, sitting for more than a few minutes at a time will get uncomfortable.

Given these details, it’s hard to say this model offers good value for money. For example, check out our list of best affordable PC chairs. Those cost around the same (or less) than the Respawn-900 and offer much better features.

X Rocker Pro 2.1 Pedestal Rocker

Current price: $189.99

The X Rocker Pro 2.1 Pedestal Rocker has been a top-selling console chair for a few years. The design looks dated.

X Rocker 2.1 Pedestal rocker angles
This is an older design that’s still a top seller.

Like the other X Rocker music chairs, it comes with a wireless receiver and built-in speakers. The “Pro” aspect of this model is the addition of vibration motors. These sync with the vibrating sub-woofer to rumble in time with the game’s audio.


Aside from the added vibration motors, this model has the same features as the X Rocker SE.

X Rocker 2.1 Pedestal rocker features
Some caption

Chair dimensions are the same as well, although the Pro is around 10 pounds heavier.

  • Seat width: 21″
  • Chair height: 42″
  • Weight support: up to 275 pounds

Feature summary:

  • Upholstery: foam padding, PU leather cover
  • Ergonomics: padded seat & backrest; tilt and swivel base.
  • Music: built-in speakers with headphone jack and wireless receiver.
  • Compatibility: Xbox, PlayStation, Gameboy, MP3/CD/DVD, home theater systems.

Buying advice

The X Rocker Pro 2.1 pedestal rocker is still a popular model, but less than in its glory days. X Rocker keeps it around as their most recognizable flagship. On reputation alone, it’s likely to be a top-seller for a few more years.

It’s a decent option for slim, average-sized console gamers. But the price is hard to swallow.

X Rocker Pro 2.1 on Amazon $189.99

Buying advice

Our review of Amazon’s top-selling console gaming chairs shows a few things. First, PC gaming chairs still dominate the rankings. Second, console gaming chairs offer mediocre ergonomics and lukewarm value for money.

These models are light years behind the quality of chairs that pro gamers use.

In fact, out of these seven best selling console chairs, only few models stand out as worthwhile:

  1. Crew Classic Rocker: an ultra cheap floor rocker for kids. These are a great way to introduce gaming ergonomics to young people.
  2. Homall Gaming Recliner: compact recliner with ergonomic support comparable to PC chairs.
  3. Respawn-900 Racing Recliner: innovative design and cool features, but high price.
  4. But even the recommended models are mediocre. So which are the best console gaming chairs?


    The best-selling console chairs are better for your back than sitting on the sofa or floor. But they don’t compare to the back support you get by using a PC gaming chair. The main attraction of console chairs is that they are easy to use a living room.

    PC gaming chairs vs console gaming chairs
    PC gaming chairs support the spine’s natural curves; console chairs do not.

    In fact, there are several PC gaming chairs that work very well as living room console chairs. Unlike gaming rockers, PC gaming chairs are adjustable. It’s easy to lower the height of a PC chair to match that of a pedestal rocker. In doing so, you get superb gaming comfort. You also get the effective back support that PC gaming chairs are famous for.

    Do you find the best-selling console chairs as underwhelming as we do? Then check out the best PC gaming chair alternatives. Those models are good for your back. They provide excellent ergonomics that yield many benefits. Enjoy improved posture, greater vitality, improved computing performance and more.

    Best PS4 & Xbox gaming chair for your back

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