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Sneak preview: new IKEA gaming chairs

The world’s largest furniture retailer is now in the gaming furniture business. Last year, IKEA announced its intentions in collaboration with ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG). The plan was to release a gaming collection in China (chair, desk, and accessories) in Feb. 2021. In October 2021, the collection launches globally. Here’s a sneak preview of the new IKEA gaming chairs.

IKEA gaming collection furniture
IKEA Utespelare desk with Matchspel chair in Bomstad white.

The new IKEA gaming collection isn’t a surprise. The company announced the plan last year.

It also stated it would launch the collection in China first. That happened on-schedule, after which IKEA put out a press release showing off the collection.

The Empire returns to lay siege on the gaming chair market
Big brands targeting consumers pose a huge challenge for the gaming chair industry.

IKEA company joins Herman Miller, Logitech, and Razer as other big brands ramping up online furniture sales for consumers.

New IKEA gaming collection

The new gaming collection is currently only available on IKEA’s China website. From May, it will become available in Japan. In October 2021, sales will start globally.

Matchspel gaming chair

The IKEA China website now offers 11 office-style gaming chairs. New additions to the gaming collection are Huvudspelare, Matchspel, and Utepselare ‘gaming chairs’. All come with a 3-year IKEA warranty.

IKEA gaming chairs
IKEA Huvudspelare, Matchspel, and Utepselare gaming chairs.

In the China store, the Huvudspelare costs ¥299 (USD $46), while the Utepselare costs ¥699 (USD$107). Both come with fixed armrests, and non-adjustable lumbar support. The Huvudspelare has a fixed, non-reclining backrest.

The Utepselare adds a reclining backrest with synchronized seat tilt. Basically, as you recline, the seat tilts up by around one degree. It also comes with a padded seat and backrest covered in faux black or grey leather.

The Matchspel is the flagship gaming chair of the collection (¥999 or USD$153). It also offers a synchronized seat tilt recline, 1D armrests (adjust up or down), and a height-adjustable headrest.

IKEA Matchspel gaming chair color options
Matchspel gaming chairs come in black or white designs.

None of these chairs is anything special. In fact, none meet modern ergonomic requirements for healthy sitting. Those are adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and a reclining backrest.

All three IKEA gaming chairs lack adjustable lumbar support. That’s the most important component helping the seated spine stay upright.

Even so, these chairs are perfect for IKEA customers. They have conservative, minimalist designs and great low prices. Despite the lack of healthy support, we expect them to sell like hotcakes.

Gaming desks

Also included in the new collection is the Uppspel sit-stand gaming desk. Priced at ¥3,799 (USD $585), this model comes with motorized leg motors. Press a button and the desk can raise or lower to reach your perfect sitting or standing height.

IKEA Uppspel desk
Uppspel sit-stand height-adjustable desk.

As covered in our sit-stand desk guide, there are no proven benefits of switching between sitting and standing through a workday. In fact, doing so over eight hours burns the equivalent calories of a small carrot.

Considering that, we highly recommend an IKEA Linnmon or Karly desk instead.

IKEA Karlby desk
IKEA Karlby desktop ($149) with Alex drawers ($79 each).

The Karlby desktop is a block of birch veneer 74″ long x 26.25″ deep ($149 from IKEA). Pair it with two Alex drawers and get a massive, stylish workspace to enjoy.

Gaming accessories

This IKEA press release lists all notable accessories. Highlights:

  • Uppspell drawers on caster wheels: ¥599 ($92)
  • Lanespelare ring light with phone holder: ¥249 ($38.33)
  • Lanespelare mug and mug holder: ¥88.90 ($13.68)

Nothing stands out in the accessories collection. Outside of the desk on caster wheels, everything seems like generic IKEA merchandise.

Bringing ‘democracy’ to gamers?

In its press release, IKEA notes that 46% of all gamers are females. However, existing gaming furniture is “often perceived as masculine design-wise”. As a result, IKEA intends to “democratise the gaming experience”. Its new products are “complete solutions that we hope reflect people’s personality and taste”.

Autofull Pink Bunny gaming chair
The Autofull Pink Bunny is one of several models geared towards females.

Is there a really gender bias in the gaming furniture industry? Our pink gaming chairs review lists several designs geared towards females.

Secretlab chairs with female designs
Some of Secretlab’s most popular female-oriented designs. (click to enlarge)

As another example, Secretlab is one of several brands with many female-oriented designs. The company’s K/DA gaming chairs pay tribute to the mega-popular virtual group K/DA. Notably, all K/DA songs are based on themes of female empowerment.


IKEA’s new line of gaming furniture isn’t spectacular. Rather, it meets typical IKEA standards in a few ways. For one thing, all products have minimalist designs. For another, all are easy to order and assemble. On top of that, all pieces in the collection offer good value for money.

IKEA desk and gaming chair combo
Uppspell desk paired with a Matchspel gaming chair.

Herman Miller’s gaming collection is for hard-core pros. In comparison, IKEA’s is better for hobbyists, casuals, and part-timers. IKEA gaming chairs are basic. Without adjustable lumbar support, they’re less than ideal to support healthy full-time sitting.

Even so, we expect this collection to sell very well. IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer, with a proven sales formula. If you’re in the market for cheap, basic gaming gear, look for these products to launch globally in October.

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