Work From Home Productivity

Feng Shui Productivity Hacks For Home Gamers And Desk Workers

With good sitting posture, physical and environmental awareness expands. Parlay that into optimized workspace energies using ancient feng shui techniques. Tweak a room's colors, airflow, lighting, and more to supercharge its vibrant life energies.

Boost Work-From-Home Motivation With A Gaming Chair

Working from home using a cheap office chair will ruin your back. In contrast, using a gaming chair can trigger happiness in several ways. Learn how a good gaming chair can boost wellness, productivity, and work-from-home well-being.

Build A Healthy Gaming or Work From Home PC Desk Setup

The ultimate guide to working from home in a healthy, happy, and productive manner. Learn how to turn a PC, desk, and good gaming chair into the ultimate productivity powerhouse. Merge feng shui basics with biomechanical science to raise your WFH game to an elite level.

Healthy Sitting Essentials