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Arozzi Vernazza mesh fabric gaming chair review

Arozzi is a Swedish gaming chair manufacturer. Its flagship chair is the Arozzi Vernazza, a compact model with pro ergonomic features. New to the Vernazza product line are four mesh fabric chairs. This article reviews all Arozzi Vernazza mesh fabric chair models.

Arozzi Vernazza mesh fabric chair review
Mesh fabric Vernazza chairs come in four subdued color styles.

Both leather and fabric Vernazza chairs have the same ergonomic features. Fabric editions have slightly larger dimensions and a lower padding density.

Foam density measures as kilograms per cubic meter (kg/ m³ ). The higher the number, the greater the firmness and durability of the foam.

Leather Vernazza chairs have a seat foam density of 70 kg/m³. Vernazza mesh chairs have a seat foam density of 60 kg/m³. The lower number indicates a softer seat with less resistance.

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Vernazza mesh fabric chair review

The mesh fabric Arozzi Vernazza comes in four different color options. All models use 100% polyester mesh fabric. Compared to PU leather, mesh fabric is more breathable and durable. It’s also softer to the touch.

Arozzi Vernazza mesh fabric chair color styles
Vernazza mesh fabric chairs come in a choice of light grey, ash, dark grey or blue colors.

Soft fabric plus a softer density of foam makes for a very comfortable seat.


The Arozzi Vernazza regular edition is a very small chair with narrow dimensions. The mesh fabric Vernazza offers a slightly wider backrest wider plus a taller seat height range:

 Vernazza mesh chairVernazza PU leather edition
Seat width & depth17.3" (W) x 20.4" (D)17.3" (W) x 20.4" (D)
Backrest width & height19.2" (W) x 33.8" (H) 18.9" (W) x 33.8" (H)
Floor to seat range18.89" to 22.4"18.5" to 21.2"
Weight capacity320 pounds320 pounds
Height support5'4" to 5'11"5'4" to 5'11"

All Vernazza chairs support up to 320 pounds. But given the narrow dimensions of these chairs, most heavy people wouldn’t fit. If you have wide hips of thick legs, consider buying a chair with wider dimensions.


All Vernazza chairs have the same pro ergonomic features:

  • Functionality: 3D armrests; recline to 165°; seat angle tilt-lock.
  • Comfort: cold cured foam padding; neck and lumbar support cushions.
  • Support: metal frame, adjustable height gas spring; large premium casters
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty (details)

Despite having the same features, mesh fabric chairs cost more. On Amazon, the faux leather Vernazza sells for $359.23. The mesh fabric edition costs a lot more.

Buy the Vernazza fabric chair on Amazon $499.99

Fabric Vernazza alternatives

There are two groups of alternatives to consider to Vernazza fabric chairs.

Other small chairs

Vernazza chairs are compact models for people with slim figures. As a result, our first alternatives to consider are other small gaming chairs.

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Top models like the Secretlab Omega and Maxnomic Pro offer superior features for less money. Other models like the AKRacing California offer super-small dimensions perfect for kids and ultra-petite sizes.

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Other fabric gaming chairs

The second group of alternatives to consider are other mesh fabric chairs. At present, Secretlab, GTRacing, and AKRacing also offer soft fabric chairs.

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Note that out of all available fabric models, the Vernazza is the most expensive.

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The Arozzi Vernazza mesh fabric chair is attractive and comfortable. It has solid features including 3D armrests, deep recline, and a multifunction tilt-lock. The mesh fabric covers are breathable, ultra-durable, and soft to the touch.

The downside is the price. You can get cheaper alternatives with better features from other brands. If you don’t mind paying a premium, expect a solid, comfortable, durable gaming chair.

Buy the Vernazza fabric chair on Amazon $499.99

To learn more about Arozzi’s line of gaming chairs, check out our detailed Arozzi brand review.

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