Infographic: Overcome sedentary habits with a gaming chair

Check out this ChairsFX infographic about the problems caused by sitting disease, and solutions presented by gaming chairs. Learn about the core of our message in this succinct infographic.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Office chairs chairs are cheap and simple. Gaming chairs are packed with features but much more expensive. This article breaks down why gaming chairs are well worth the investment, especially when compared to office chairs.

Gaming chair benefits for everyone

Get a big-picture view of the massive health and lifestyle benefits you can enjoy after investing in a high quality gaming chair. Learn how gaming chairs counteract the effects of sloppy sitting habits. Support good posture, boost energy levels and gain a performance edge at work.

Do Gaming Chairs Make a Difference?

A good gaming chair makes a difference by protecting your body and supporting your muscles. Sitting with good posture and an aligned spine will keep your body in prime condition. It will also protect against any long-term injuries.

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