Vertagear S-Line SL2000 Gaming Chair Review

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000 gaming chairs

Choosing the best gaming chair to buy depends what type of chair best suits you. You may be interested in certain teams, players, and games, or maybe you want to be sponsored by certain brands.

These are all factors that contribute to your decision. However, at the end of the day, you can never underestimate the comfort and range of motion. Being able to lean back or stand up straight without putting any strain on your spine is important.

The Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000 ticks all the boxes. It  comes in a variety of eye-catching color schemes, is priced at the lower end of the premium scale and provides high quality ergonomic support.

VERTAGEAR SL2000 Gaming Chair
The Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000 ticks all the boxes. It comes in a variety of eye-catching color schemes, is priced at the lower end of the premium scale and provides high quality ergonomic support.

Vertagear SL2000 Detailed Review

Vertagear SL2000 color options

The SL2000 (aka SL2000) comes in 15 stunning color combinations

Vertagear has a good reputation in gaming chairs. The S-line is a series of racing-style gaming chairs which are all about the ergonomics and range of motion. 

Who is this product for?

Vertagear SL2000 size guide

The SL2000 fits people between 5"5" and 6"4" and supports up to 330 pounds

The SL2000 is for medium-sized people, although it supports tall and bulky individuals up to 6'4" and 330 pounds. It's one of the best chairs for small sizes, while sturdy enough to support Randy people 6'4" tall weighing up to 330 pounds.

Between the recommended sizes, the SL2000 caters to anyone who likes having a dynamic gaming chair with freedom of movement and lots of customizable accessories.

The Vertagear SL2000 is also a solid choice if you have back problems and a hard time maintaining proper posture. The ergonomic design and extra support features make gaming more comfortable for anyone that spends too much time in front of the screen.

Last but not least, the VG-SL2000 variant will appeal to LoL fans, particularly TSM fans. The Team Solo Mid logo and name are imprinted on the vinyl, just under the headrest, in white lettering. If you just love the game, love the team, or want to support it, getting a VG-SL2000 is one of the ways to do it.

What's included?

Vertagear SL2000 accessories

The SL2000 comes with removable neck and lumbar cushions that provide excellent ergonomic support

While there’s nothing too special in terms of extras, the SL2000 comes with all standard gaming chair accessories, including removable pillows.

  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillow
  • Recline up to 140 degrees
  • 2D armrests (upgradeable to 4D for for an extra fee) 
  • 5-point aluminium base
  • 2-year warranty on parts; 10-year warranty on the steel frame

Overview of features

The VG-SL2000 supports up to 330 lbs. It is 21.3” wide at the shoulders and 14.2” wide at the front of the seat. While the overall design may seem narrow, there’s plenty of room in the chair. The distance between the armrests is 20.9” which is good enough.

You can adjust the seat height between 16.5” and 20.5”. The armrests can be adjusted in depth and height, with the maximum distance from the ground being 29.5”.

The backrest reclines up to 140 degrees. It comes with an infinite angle lock system which means that you can set it at whatever position you want. The padding may seem a bit lacking but the seat is rather comfortable and not as firm as it looks.

The foam is close to memory foam in terms of malleability and firmness. The steel frame and aluminum alloy 5-point base are what give the chair its impressive stability and weight capacity.

The nearly 50-lb. chair is easy to install and unlike most gaming chairs, it’s a fairly simple one-man operation. It’s also worth noting that you can upgrade the standard chair to include 4D armrests and bigger casters. There’s nothing wrong with the standard level of adjustability though.

How to use

The VG-SL2000 features a slide-in design. This makes the installation a one-man process. You only have to pull up the seat into the backrest and slide in two screws on each side.

If you want to adjust the armrests, you simply pull or push them in the appropriate direction. The recline lever is underneath the right side of the seat, as is the knob for the seat height adjustment.

The neck pillow is somewhat adjustable but, fair warning, it might favor taller users.

Other Vertagear Models

Vertagear S-Line SL4000
This upgraded luxury model comes with a specially contoured backrest and 4D adjustable armrests. It supports users weighing up to 330 pounds.
VERTAGEAR S-Line 5000 Gaming Chair
This model also features 4D adjustable armrests and supports users up to six feet four weighing up to 260 pounds.
VERTAGEAR Racing Series P-Line PL4500
Designed for big and tall people up to 6'6 inches tall; supports up to 400 pounds; equipped with hygiene enhancing properties.

Vertagear SL2000 Alternatives

The Vertagear SL2000 compares to chairs in two different categories. First, as a premium chair, it compares well to heavy hitters from DXRacer, Secretlab and others. Read our premium gaming chair roundup to learn more. 

The SL2000 also ranks on their list of top five gaming chairs for small sizes, which are ideal for women, kids and others who prefer a snug versus cavernous fit. 


The Vertagear SL2000 is a very solid gaming chair with a sweet weight capacity for the money. The quality of the PVC leather and the sturdiness of the frame are perhaps only matched by the impressive slide-in design which facilitates one of the fastest setups on the market. In sum, the SL2000 brings style and reliability to gaming chairs without trying to attract users with useless extras.