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Killabee 8272 Series gaming chair review: affordable ergonomics

Imitation is a sincere form of flattery. The Killabee 8272 Series gaming chair pays homage to the Secretlab Titan. That is the top-rated chair on this site. Killabee mimics the Titan’s key features – using lower quality materials. The result is an affordable office chair with extra wide seat and internal lumbar. It lacks the luxury and durability of the Titan, but does a similar job at half the price.

Killabee 8272 vs Secretlab Titan
The Killabee 8272 borrows design elements from the Secretlab Titan.

The Secretlab Titan retails for $399, while the Killabee 8272 costs over $100 less. Both share some key features. So why is the 8272 Series so much cheaper? Keeping reading for a detailed answer.

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Killabee 8272 Series review

Killabee 8272 gaming chairs
Sturdy ergonomic chairs with discount pricing.

The Killabee 8272 Series gaming chair has some high end features. It also uses lower quality materials. The result is is a cheap and effective package – but with less durability.

Out of the box, the 8272 is easy to assemble. It looks great. The padding feels pliant. It’s easy to work the controls.

But there is a difference between cheap gaming chairs and expensive ones. Expensive chairs will hold up to years of heavy daily use.

Cheap chairs use cheap materials. These wear down faster. The Killabee 8272 Series has great features, but it’s a cheap gaming chair.

It works best as a part time gaming or study chair. With heavy daily use this chair will break down fast. With moderate use, expect it to provide stellar ergonomics beyond its 1-year warranty.

Killabee 8272 Series key features

Killabee 8272 borrows two key features from our top-rated chair, the Secretlab Titan. First is the Titan’s most impressive feature, an internal lumbar support system.

Killabee 8272 built in lumbar support
Internal lumbar support is the most impressive feature. (Images:

The internal lumbar works like a pneumatic power lumbar used in high-end sports car seats.

Internal lumbar support

The internal lumbar feature sets the 8272 Series apart from other chairs in its price range. Most gaming chairs come with a removable lumbar support pillow. That attaches with nylon straps and slides up and down the backrest.

Internal lumbar support eliminates need for a cushion. Turn the knob to expand or reduce the support for the curve at the lower spine. The advantage is greater precision. Set the support level, ease into the backrest and let the chair support your body.

The other notable feature borrowed from the Titan is the wide seat. Most gaming chairs like the DXRacer Drifting Series have ridged edges. These keeps the legs pressed together as if in a Formula 1 race car.

Killabee 8272 wide seat
The 8272 mimics the Titan’s flat seat by eliminating ridged edges.

The Secretlab Titan broke tradition by using a flat seat. Without ridges edges, this gives the legs more room to move around. The Killabee 8272 Series follows suit. If you’re looking for extra leg room, a flat wide gaming chair is a good choice.

Summary of Killabee 8272 features

Here’s where similarities with the Secretlab Titan end. Looking over the 8272’s feature set, it becomes clear why this chair is so much cheaper than the Titan.

  • Functionality: 1D adjustable armrests (up and down only); recline to 135°; tilt-lock.
  • Comfort: high density cold cure foam padding, neck support pillow.
  • Upholstery: Premium PU leather.
  • Support: steel frame and base; aluminium base; explosion-proof gas spring lift.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on parts. Free replacement within 7 days of receipt.
  • Free shipping: included.

The Killabee 8272 will do what a gaming chair should. That is to support the back during long sitting hours. However it cuts many corners that limit luxury. For example, 1D armrests only move up and down, while 4D ones move in all directions. You can live with 1D armrests just fine, but 4D ones are so much better. That’s because you can adjust them to fit perfectly.

If you plan to spend more than eight hours per day in your chair, it’s worth paying more for a luxury model. If you only need a casual chair for part-time gaming, working or study, the Killabee 8272 is a good buy.

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Killabee 8272 Series sizing

The Killabee 8272 Series is a larger than normal gaming chair. It’s capable of supporting moderately tall and heavy users.

Killabee 8272 Series size chart

Below, we compare its dimensions to the Secretlab Titan and DXRacer Drifting Series.

The Titan fits large sizes. The Drifting Series is a compact chair for small sizes. Based on dimensions, the Killabee 8272 Series fits between the two.

 Secretlab Titan Killabee 8272DXRacer Drifting Series
Seat Width22"21.3"20.4"
Seat Depth21"21.3"20"
Backrest Width23"20.5"21.75"
Backrest Height33"31.9"31.75"
Floor to Seat Range19.5" to 23"20.3" to 23.4" 19" to 22"
Overall height52.5" to 56"52.2" to 55.3" 46.5" to 52.5"
Weight supportUp to 270 poundsUp to 300 poundsUp to 200 pounds
Height support5'9" to 6'7"5'8" to 6'2" 5'3" to 5'8"

As you see by the numbers, the Killabee 8272 is a tall-standing chair with a wide seat. It’s 5’8″ to 6’2″ range makes it a good fit for average users. Slim users in that range will find this chair gives ample leg room.

People with wider hips may find a tigher fit. Note that if your hips are extremely wide, you should consider a super heavyweight chair.

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Killabee 8272 Series upholstery options

The Killabee 8272 Series comes in two PU leather color options. Choose between black with red stitching or two-tone grey.


The PU leather upholstery is decent. With light use, it should last well past the one-year warranty.

With heavy daily use, expect the leather to start cracking sooner rather than later.

Killabee 8272 PU leather
The 8272 comes with average quality PU leather that is best for light use. (Image:

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Killabee 8272 Series gaming chair: pros and cons

There are things to like and dislike about the Killabee 8272 Series gaming chair. Below we list this model’s pros and cons.

What we like

The internal lumbar device works very well. That feature by itself makes this gaming chair worth buying. We also like the sizing – this chair is large enough to fit most average to slightly tall sizes.

Another big selling point of the Killabee 8272 Series gaming chair is the price. Only Price not available on Amazon, this is a great introduction to gaming chairs without paying too much.

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What we don’t like

People who have never sat in a gaming chair may be blown away by the sleek futuristic styling of the 8272 Series. The seat feels solid. Recline is crisp. The lumbar support works well. For the price, this chair looks like a steal.

In contrast, grizzled gaming chair veterans will notice the stiff upholstery. The padding is also less dense with more give. At first this feels wonderful, like sitting on a cloud. With extended daily use however, padding of this quality will start to sag.

The bottom line is that cheap gaming chairs use cheaper materials. The upside is that even cheap chairs are good for your back.

If you need a gaming chair for heavy daily use, it’s worth paying more for quality. If you need a temporary or part-time chair, this model works well.

Killabee 8272 Series buying advice

Are you thinking of buying a Killabee 8272 Series gaming chair? This section will help you make an informed buying decision.

Who should buy a Killabee 8272?

Gaming chair for students
The 8272 Series is a great chair for students.

The Killabee 8272 is a great student chair for gaming and studying. It’s an affordable chair with a 1-year guarantee.

Students are transient, often moving into new places every year. People come in an out of their apartments all the time. A $400 gaming chair will take a beating under such conditions. Thus, the Killabee 8272 is a sound 1-year investment. Buy it for your dorm, use and abuse it and then get another one next year.

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Killabee 8272 Series alternatives

Killabee is a Chinese-based manufacturer. They have years of proven performance under their belt. That’s why they are a trusted provider of budget gaming chairs.

The first logical alternative to the 8272 Series: other Killabee gaming chairs. Check our Killabee brand review for a summary of their best chairs. All models are priced less than $200.

Two other China-based budget options are Homall and Elecwish. Like Killabee, both make cheap products with excellent aftercare. Homall makes a range of racing style executive chairs. Elecwish makes gaming chairs with retractable footrests.

If you’re looking for affordable gaming chairs, these three names are among the best in the business.


Killabee 8272 gaming chairs
An affordable option that holds up well to moderate daily use. (images:

Expensive gaming chairs are better than cheap ones because they offer more luxury. However, the point of a gaming chair is to support good posture while sitting. Cheap gaming chairs do a decent job of supporting healthy ergonomics.

People who pay more for gaming chairs tend to be power users that spend 10-12 hours a day in a chair. If you spend that long sitting, it makes sense to invest in the best possible seat.

But there are many reasons it may not be possible to buy an expensive chair. For example, if you move often, lugging a 50+ pound chair from place to place may be impractical.

Also, gaming chairs draw attention. If too many people have access to your home, they will poke, prod and test your chair and make it degrade faster.

Finally, if you don’t spend 12 hours a day sitting, buying a luxury chair may be overkill.

In conclusion, it first glance, the Killabee 8272 Series looks like a Secretlab Titan ripoff. Upon taking a closer look, it’s clear that this product cuts many corners to keep costs low. It’s a cheap with with 1-year warranty. That means you don’t need to baby it like you would an expensive chair.

For those needing cheap ergonomic seating, the Killabee 8272 is a great option.

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