Homall Executive Gaming Chair Brand Review


Homall is an office furniture producer based on China. They sell exclusively online (like through Amazon) and make a range of executive gaming chairs that are all priced under $150. 

HOmall Executive Gaming Chairs

All Homall chairs share these features: plush padding, multiple reclining modes, PU leather exterior and excellent ergonomic support. Prices start at $89.99 and go up to $144.99. Higher up the price range will typically get you higher-quality upholstery and a few extra features. 

Homall Brand Pros and Cons

What to expect when you purchase a Homall product


  • Stylish, comfortable and thickly padded
  • Excellent features, even at the lower price points
  • Great ergonomic support for long hours of sitting
  • Solid base and rollers


  • Not very durable. With heavy daily use, these chairs will start breaking down in less than a year.
  • Many users report annoying squeaks when reclining after a few months of use

The Best Homall Executive Gaming Chairs

This executive-style gaming chair is made in China, which is famous for reverse-engineering successful products and using cheaper Chinese labor to sell their products at discount prices. Expect all the features of a premium DXracer chair for around $200 less.

Homall Budget Racing Style Gaming Chair (CHEAPEST)
Homall's cheapest racing style gaming chair comes with thick padding, 2-tone carbon fiber PU leather upholstery and support for up to 300 pounds. Like all Homall models, it features full recline to 180°, adjustable neck and lumbar cushions, 360° swivel, gas-powered lift and 1-year warranty.
Homall Budget Executive Gaming Chair
This model offers four color options (black or black with white, blue or red) and comes with the standard set of features (180° tilt-lock recline, adjustable neck and lumbar pillows, 360° swivel, gas-powered lift). It also comes with Homall's standard 1-year warranty (their after-care service record is excellent).
Original Executive Design
Homall's original quirky design with diamond-stitched backrest continues to be one of their most popular office gaming chair models.

  • Carbon Fiber PU Leather Upholstery
  • Thickly padded seat and backrest
  • Tilt-lock recline to 180 degrees

Embroidery & Luxury Armrests
Homall's red, white and black model boasts an embroidered backrest and upgraded diamond-pattern 4D adjustable armrests. Interestingly, this offers a less deeper recline than other models, only going back 150 degrees.
Homall Upgraded Executive Chair
This stunning Carbon Fiber black model features an upgraded PU leather blend that is easier to clean and more durable. Additional upgrades include:

  • Extra thick padding in the seat and backrest
  • Upgraded tilt-lock mechanism
  • Extra-thick padding on armrests

Homall Gaming chair with footrest
This model comes in two color styles (black and blue, black and red), features a retractable footrest and supports up to 330 pounds.
Top-of-the-line premium executive chair (MOST EXPENSIVE)
Homall's most expensive racing style executive gaming chair boasts premium PU leather upholstery in three stunning color combinations.

It's their most meticulously engineered product. However, outside of upgraded upholstery and the thickest padding of all models, it has the same standard features as other models. If you're looking for the highest-quality Homall Experience, this is the one.

More about Homall Executive Gaming Chairs

Homall executive gaming chair recliner (original design)

Homall's original model is still one of their most popular chairs

Homall Executive gaming chairs are Chinese-made DXracer knockoffs that boast all the features of high-end gaming chairs - at a fraction of the cost.

Designed with orthopedics and ergonomics in mind, Homall gaming chairs come with a removable headrest and lumbar support pillow. When used properly, these lend great support to the back, shoulders, head and neck. All models also have the expected range of reclining options: upright for working, locked in recliner mode for sleeping and a nifty rocking mode for relaxation.

All of the above models are upholstered with PU leather (a coating of Polyurethane on a thin layer of leather). As the prices scale higher, the quality of PU leather increases as well.

Towards the bottom of all chairs there is a gas-powered height adjuster and a 5-pronged base with colorful caster wheels.

Who are these products for?

Homall Executive Gaming Chairs make ideal 'starter' chairs for those not fully convinced about the benefits of high-end gaming chairs. Because of the low prices on all models, it's a fairly painless foray into the ergonomic world and a great introduction to what gaming chairs have to offer.

In the workplace, companies seeking to improve office ergonomics can use these chairs as low-cost test options. At home, parents can gift these to their kids to support their gaming habits, and also their homework habits. Those who work from home but don't have the budget should also consider this chair as a means to improve their seated posture and overall body alignment. 

What we like

Most chairs in this price range do not offer the tilt rocking and 180-degree reclining that comes standard with the Homall Executive Gaming Chair. It also has a gas-powered height adjustment mechanism that is rated to support 300 pounds.

Homall Executive Gaming Chairs also come with a pair support cushions for your neck and lumbar area (lower back). These help contribute to the most appealing factor of the chair: comfort. The soft foam padding and clever steel framing give nice support, whether you choose to lean back for gaming, or sit upright for working.

Take note that across all models, the PU (synthetic) leather isn’t very breathable - apply a regular wipe-down with a damp cloth to keep the material from getting clammy.

What we don't like

Bear in mind that for the price and features, these chairs are highly recommended. However, if you stack them up against the best gaming chairs on the markets, they simply doesn’t measure up.

  • No armrest adjustability: to most glaring missing feature locks the armrests, whereas the top gaming chairs generally allow you to adjust armchair height, and in some cases even the angle.
  • Cheap leather: cheap leather looks great when brand new, but tends to get wrinkled and saggy over time. In addition if you sit down in shorts, the material isn’t breathable, meaning you will start forming pools of sweat. TO keep the leather preserved, we suggest a through wipe with a damp cloth at least once a day.
  • Unpredictable quality: we’ve heard reports of chair bases breaking soon after purchase. We also noticed that over time, the chair starts to get squeaky, the leather begins to peel and then you will start to realize that you get what you pay for.

Getting started with your new Gaming Chair

If you decide to purchase a Homall Gaming Chair chair, it will arrive at your door in a very heavy box. Unpacking is simple – the needed tools are included, along with a bare-bones assembly manual.

Set it up, position it in front of your computer or gaming console, than then take the time to play around with the angle of the backrest and lumbar cushion positioning. If you need help, check out our Ultimate Gaming Chair User Guide for setup and reclining instructions.

Other than that, stick to the basics:

  • Focus on sitting at around 110 degrees, using the backrest and lumbar cushion for support
  • Take regular breaks to stand up and walk around
  • Make your new gaming chair the centerpiece of a clean workstation
  • Frequently wipe down your Homall Executive Gaming Chair with a cloth and cleaning spray

Homall Executive Gaming Chair Alternatives

Homall is just one of many gaming chair manufacturers that produce inexpensive gaming chairs. For more budget-priced alternatives, check our mega review of the world's best budget gaming chairs


Homall Executive Gaming Chairs are sound products that offer decent features for a reasonable price. These are great gaming chair for beginners, as a gift for others, or even as a test case, before investing in a higher end product.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Premium gaming chairs cost more than $300. These offer great features and impressive durability.

While Homall chairs offer comparable features, their durability is far behind.  Over time these chairs will get squeaky and rickety and degrade faster than more expensive models like DXRacers. ​

In conclusion, despite the durability issues, Homall Executive Gaming Chairs offer great value for money. If your budget is limited but you want the full gaming chair experience, these chairs will serve very well for a year or so.