Elecwish Office Gaming Chair Review


Elecwish is a furniture manufacturer based out of Ningbo, China (an hour west of Shanghai). They make office chairs, patio furniture, bathroom vanities and gaming chairs.

This article reviews their full line of Ergonomic computer chairs. All models come with a La-Z-Boy style footrest, support for up to 330 pounds and various reclining modes. Most importantly, all support proper posture for long hours of gaming or working. 

As a bonus, these chairs are cheap – all are priced less than $200. 

Elecwish reclining mode

The reclining mode plus footrest provides an easy way to rest while at your desk

For a modern gamer, freelance programmer, or streamer, the office is also the studio, at least in most cases. So, if you want to feel comfortable regardless of your activity and save some money, it's worthwhile to consider an all-in-one chair like the Elecwish.

The design looks cool on a Twitch stream, yet professional enough for a video conference. In addition is provides excellent ergonomic support and has multiple customization features to accommodate many positions.

Elecwish Office Gaming Chair: QUICK OVERVIEW

All of the models in this product line support up to 330 pounds - even in full recline with the footrest extended. That should give you an idea of how solidly these gaming chairs are built. Outside of the cheapest model, all recline to 170 degrees.

Elecwish gaming chairs, four colors

These features are shared among all chairs:

  1. Comes with a super sturdy retractable footrest
  2. Fits all sizes from small to tall; to as heavy as 330 pounds
  3. SGS gas-powered lift
  4. Removable neck and lumbar support pillows (these ensure proper ergonomics)
  5. 5-star certified base with smooth rolling casters
  6. One year limited warranty

Pros and Cons


  • Decent quality PU leather upholstery
  • Excellent performance for the price
  • Suitable for all sizes, from small to big


  • Not as rugged or durable as more expensive chairs
  • The padding will degrade with heavy use. If the padding were of slightly higher quality, these chairs could last much longer.

Comfort, style, adjustability, and unbeatable pricing. This is what best describes the Elecwish office gaming chair. 

Pricing Scale & Model Options

Below we review their entire line of racing style gaming chairs with retractable footrests:

Cheapest model
The cheapest Elecwish model uses slightly lower quality PU leather and limited recline to 150 degrees. The padding is also a bit thinner. Otherwise it offers similar ergonomic support and comfort as the higher priced models.
Standard model
The flagship Elecwish gaming chair is available in eight gorgeous color schemes (black with colored trim) and comes with an extra-wide seat, rock-solid performance and free shipping.
Premium model
Designed for high achievers, the premium model has upgraded PU leather upholstery (looks nicer and is more durable), padded armrests and improved cold foam padding that gives a noticeable splash of luxury on top of the standard model. It comes with free shipping and is available in eight stylish color combinations.
Luxury model
The luxury Elecwish model supports 300 pounds and comes with their highest quality blend of PU leather (enhanced water and wear resistance) and denser foam padding that will retain it's shape longer. In addition the lumbar cushion comes with a USB-powered massage unit - lean back into perfect postural alignment while enjoying a gentle neck massage! Free shipping is included.

In addition to the above product line, Elecwish also offers two alternative designs to their classic model:

High mesh backrest
This stylish model's highlight feature is the breathable mesh backrest. It has slightly less recline to 160 degrees, but otherwise has all the standard Elecwish features. Free shipping is included.
2019 design
The next evolution in Elecwish gaming chair design, this model comes in five different color combinations. Aside from the unique design, it's key upgrade is the third-generation antioxidant PU leather blend (better durability and increased comfort). This model supports 300 pounds and includes free shipping plus a limited 2-year warranty.

Elecwish Gaming Chair: BUYING ADVICE

Elecwish ergonomic support

The neck and lumbar cushions ensure proper posture

The main reason to buy a gaming chair is for the ergonomic benefits. If you spend long hours sitting (for work, or as a gamer), a gaming chair is quickly becoming an essential investment. 

If you are considering to purchase an Elecwish gaming chair, it means you are looking for something in the budget range. Fortunately, both budget and $300+ premium gaming chairs give the same level of ergonomic support. 

What you miss out on with budget chairs like Elecwish is basically luxury and durability. Premium chairs are a bit more comfortable, come with more features and will endure heavy daily use for over two years before breaking down. 

If you don't mind losing those premium extras, the Elecwish gaming chair is a perfect model to consider. 

Who should buy an Elecwish gaming chair?

The Elecwish office gaming chair is designed for two categories of people: those that game all day and those that also work half the time. If you’re a game designer, programmer, hardcore gamer, or full-time streamer, you can benefit from using this chair.

If you’re not the type of person to maintain a proper back position while gaming, you can benefit from this chair. You can also get it if you like extending your feet from time to time or for watching movies in a reclined position.

Due to the swiveling seat, people that are surrounded by monitors will be able to have free range of motion, which is always a nice plus.

What's included?

Elecwish gaming chair

The Elecwish office gaming chair is simple in terms of accessories but it excels in the critical customization department. Here’s what you get with the chair:

  1. Removable neck and lumbar support pillows
  2. Thickly padded racing seat
  3. Adjustable armrests
  4. Retractable footrest
  5. 5-point base with smooth rolling casters

Overview of features

Starting off with the design, it’s hard not to notice the wide and extra padded seat cushion. It can accommodate a wide range of individuals. The racing backrest looks cool but not ostentatious, which is why the chair can work as an office chair too.

The adjustable arms are angled downward. You get enough length while holding a joystick or using a mouse and keyboard, but you can also let your hands go and relax while watching a movie or taking a conference call.

The backrest features a classic neck support pillow (removable). That will leave you with two open holes which can be used to loop a racing harness or pull-through your headset cable.

The footrest is perhaps the main selling point. It extends forward from underneath the seat. To bring it forward, you have to recline first. This may not be ideal for everyone but it makes things easier. You won’t have to reach underneath to find a knob or lever.

The five-point base offers good support and the strong frame is suitable even for people with bulky builds. The wide backrest also provides additional comfort and stability when reclining.

What’s also a plus is the color variety. The Elecwish office gaming chair makes it easy for you to mix and match the chair’s colors to the décor in your gaming room. You can go for a professional look or a sporty look.

And, you can even choose to get rid of the cushions on the backrest and get it with a net instead. This would allow even better air circulation which is a luxury during summer.

How to use

There are three things that you need to know about the chair if you’re going to get the most out of it. You can push back against the backrest to recline it and to extend the footrest at the same time.

You can use the adjusting knob underneath the seat on your right to make height adjustments. However, you have to get out of the chair or put pressure on it to raise it.

The armrests are long enough to accommodate different positions and tasks. Last but not least, if you want to store it, the 5-point base is foldable.

For more about how to set up and use your Elecwish gaming chair, check out our multi-brand gaming chair user manual

Elecwish gaming chair alternatives

Elecwish is a Chinese manufacturer (access to modern technology and cheap labor) that offers budget priced yet full-featured gaming chairs. 

Two other companies that fit in this bracket are Homall and GTRacing. Both offer similar lines of office gaming chairs that are also priced under $200. 

For a complete list of alternatives, check out our comprehensive guide of the top-rated budget gaming chairs in the industry. 

Buying advice

The 360-degree rotation, 300+ pound weight limit, and 3.2” height adjustments are all features that highlight the smart design of Elecwish office gaming chairs. These models spin, recline, fold up quickly, and also feature a nice hidden footrest.

Comfort features aside, the price point and the available colors are all the more reasons why this is a highly popular pick among gamers and anyone in the field that holds a desk job.

Remember that there are different levels of customization when it comes to gaming chairs. The point is that some chairs will fulfill your needs better than others.