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Coavas Gaming Chair Review

Coavas gaming chairs

The Coavas Gaming Chair is an understated, budget priced chair. It offers solid back support support in a very comfortable package.

This product is suitable for gamers, executives and others who sit for long periods. An entry level model, it is a great way to experience the awesome benefits of gaming chairs first hand.

When your friends walk into your house and see you brand new gaming chair, they will be envious. When they sit in it and play some games, they will realize why you bought it: to enhance your gaming experience. You bought your gaming chair because it looks good and enhances your place.

Another reason to buy this model is because of the low price and high quality. The only problem is, you have not actually purchased it yet. But do not worry, read on as we showcase the perfect gaming chair for you.

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Coavas Gaming Chair Overview

Coavas gaming chairs

This gaming chair from Coavas is the epitome of underestimated style and functionality. The chair comes in an elegant design. It is a stripped down version of most gaming chairs, but with the functionality you need. The low price point is a big bonus.


  • Quick assembly
  • Very comfortable
  • Simple yet elegant design


  • Not as comfortable for tall people
  • No adjustable head or lumbar pillows

Buy on Amazon $99.99

Who is this product for?

Coavas gaming chairs

This chair is for the gamer who does not want all the fancy bells and whistles. This is for the gamer who does not want to shell out a fortune for a gaming chair.

It’s a great chair for students, and also for office workers on a budget. While other gaming chairs can look out of place in a living room or behind a desk, this chair blends in perfectly.

This is also a great chair to buy for a child. If you are buying for a son or a daughter, you do not want to spend a lot of money. They might not notice the difference between this chair and a more expensive one, or they might not like it. No matter what happens, at least you saved some money, and you can convert it into an office chair.

What’s included?

This chairships in pieces which you will have to assemble yourself. There are five casters, seat base, armrests, and seat. Due to the minimalistic nature of the chair, you will not have any problems putting it together.

It should only take you 10 minutes (or less). There is no lumbar cushion, headrest, or footrest included. There are also no electronic parts.

Usability test

Coavas gaming chair

This chair is simple and intuitive. The only thing you need to control is the height of the chair. By pressing on a lever underneath, you can increase the height or lower the chair.

The chair is also a one-piece, meaning that you will not have to move a lumbar support or headrest.

The chair will fit most average sizes. The position of the lumbar support gives a massage-like feel. There is also a swivel function, plus rolling casters that are slick and silent. The frame is metal and sturdy. The back is made from leather for easy clean-up and enhanced durability.

The breathable mesh on the backrest also helps it to air out and pick up less bacteria. One of the top features is that this chair can double as an office chair and will not look out of place. In fact, people have even used this chair to watch TV in.

Buy on Amazon $99.99

How to use your gaming chair

You should always follow the instructions when putting your chair together. This chair does not have many parts, so you should be able to put it together with ease.

Once you have it built, adjust the height so you are at eye-level with the screen you are using. To take care of your gaming chair, wipe it down with a cloth and cleaning spray every few days.

Coavas Gaming Chair Alternatives

This gaming chair does not come with the bells and whistles of other chairs. There are some optional extras which this chair forgoes to create simplicity and a more affordable chair. If you have the money and want a gaming chair which you can customize more, then check out our budget gaming chair buying guide.


Coavas gaming chair review

This is a great gaming chair for the person on a budget. The fact that it can be used as an office chair makes even more enticing.

The simplicity and low price are great, while the chair is also quite comfortable. This is a chair which you will be able to sit in for long periods of time, and game well into the night.

If you want a chair which will fit with any decor and not overpower a room, then this is the chair for you. It is everything you want in a gaming chair at a price which will not damage your bank account.

Buy on Amazon $99.99

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