Anda Seat Gaming Chair Brand Review



This Canadian-based company is one of the leading gaming chair brands. In 2016 the Anda Seat gaming chair brand launched with a series of premium and budget gaming chairs.

Each year saw steady improvements and increased popularity. Today, Anda Seat offers one of the best warranties in the industry. Every Anda Seat gaming chair comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and on all parts.

The seven best gaming chairs in the Anda seat product line
These seven chairs represent the best of Anda Seat’s product line.

Anda Seat’s best chairs match up well with other top models (like the Secretlab Titan and DXRacer D-Series). That said, Anda Seat also offers several impressive affordable models.

Standard Anda Seat features

Across the entire line, Anda Seat gaming chairs share these features:

  1. Premium PVC leather upholstery: compared to PU leather, PVC is more durable, flexible and soft. It lasts much longer, has no chemical smell and is super easy to clean.
  2. Double layered padding: two layers of padding (1.5″ of memory foam plus 2.5″ of high density foam).
  3. Deep recline: all models come with deep recline to 160°. Per our Gaming Chair User Manual, you should position between 100-110 degrees for work. Position deeper back for relaxing or sleeping.
  4. Neck and lumbar pillows: all support pillows contain Viscoelastic Foam. This adapts to your body shape while retaining its shape. When positioned correctly, these support the neck. They also ensuring that the spine remains in perfect alignment.
  5. Sturdy support: first there is a 22 mm diameter enhanced steel frame. Then there is the heavy-duty 5-point aluminium base. Beneath the base are smooth rolling casters (60 mm on smaller chairs, 65 mm on heavyweight chairs). Finally there is a Class 4 gas-powered lift that supports up to 250 kg.

In addition to the above features, the entire Anda Series product line also has two bonus extras. These make Anda chairs even more enticing to potential buyers:

  1. Warranty: lifetime coverage on parts and also the steel frame (details)
  2. Shipping: free shipping on all models; free return within 14 days

Premium Anda Seat gaming chairs

Anda Seat’s premium models all cost more than $300. The Dark Demon supports average sizes, while the others support heavy users weighing more than 400 pounds.

Anda Seat Dark Demon

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

The Dark Demon ranks #3 on our list of best premium gaming chairs. This is because of the thick padding, excellent warranty and stunning good looks. In our view, this is Anda Seat’s most impressive product.

Stunning PVC leather premium model
The Anda Seat Dark Demon is a plush premium chair with extra thick padding, a super sturdy build and amazing styling. It ranks among our best high-end gaming chairs in the world.

The Dark Demon is a very versatile chair, suitable for small to slightly tall users.

Anda Dark Demon size guide

  • Armrests: 3D adjustable armrests (up, down; right, left; forward, backwards).
  • Style options: only available in stunning black PVC leather.
  • Support cushions: comes with velour neck and lumbar cushions. These ensure that the body retains perfect ergonomics while sitting.

Anda Seat gaming chair front, back and reclining view


Anda seat Dark Demon vinyl cover closeup
The PVC vinyl cover (and parts) come with an industry leading 6-year guarantee.
The Dark Demon looks amazing, is thickly padded and shows great attention to detail in its design. Expect to feel strapped into perfect ergonomic alignment no matter the task. Tilt upright for work. Use recline varying degrees for reading, watching moves or napping.


The Dark Demon tries to accommodate as many body sizes as possible. The result is that some features are inconsistent. For example, the bucket seat forces narrow leg width. However, the 3D armrests adjust outwards to to fit wider bodies. You may need time to experiment with the settings before finding your comfort zone.

Who should buy this product

This is a premium gaming chair that is very well thought out. The chair feels solid. The stitching is precise, while the PVC leather feels soft and firm at the same time.

People who place thick padding as a priority should consider the Dark Demon. While this model looks amazing, sitting in the chairwill blow your mind. You can feel the quality of the memory foam as it takes to the shape of your body. The supporting head and lumbar cushions offer excellent support. This is a power chair that will make you look and feel like a boss.

Anda Seat Dark Wizard

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

This model offers the same key features as the Dark Demon (160°; 3D adjustable armrests). Plus it has a few variations designed to support extra large users.

Heavy duty big and tall gaming chair
A key differences between the Dark Wizard and Dark Demon are the extra large cushions. Plus, the dimensions are suitable for very tall and very heavy users.

The Dark Wizard will fit short users, but it’s most effective as a big and tall gaming chair.

Anda Seat Dark WIzard size chart

  • Armrests: 3D adjustable armrests (up, down, right, left, forward, backwards)
  • Style options: only available in sleek black PVC leather
  • Support cushions: extra large PU leather pillows provide superb comfort and ergonomic support

Anda Seat Dark Wizard gaming chair


  • Super sturdy chair even when supporting 430 pounds.
  •  The neck and back support cushions are more substantial than what most chairs offer.
  • Slick, clean style with extra thick padding.


  • For a big and tall gaming chair, the seat is surprisingly narrow. If you like to spread your legs in a v-shape while sitting, this model will feel restrictive.
  • This chair is very heavy – you will need two people to put it together.

Who should buy this product

This chair is rated for users only 5’1″ tall. However, only exceptionally heavy or tall users should consider this model.

Considering the lifetime warranty, this is actually a very affordable product. Assuming you use this chair for five years, the price breaks down to around $70 per year, or $5 per month.

Anda Seat Dark Knight

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

This is essentially the same chair as the Dark Wizard. However, it has a smaller price tag but offers superior features. Plus, this model support even taller and heavier users.

Slightly cheaper big and tall gaming chair
This model is cheaper than the Dark Wizard but boasts 4D adjustable armrests instead of 3D. Also, the Dark Knight supports taller and heavier users than the Dark Wizard. This is curious, since on paper, the Dark Knight is the better chair of the two.

This is one of the only gaming chairs on the market designed to support extra tall sizes.

Dark Knight size chart

  • Armrests: 4D adjustable armrests (up, down; forward backwards; diagonal; right, left).
  • Style options: only available in pure black PVC leather.
  • Support cushions: this model comes with extra large PU leather pillows. These provide the highest level of comfort and ergonomic support.

Anda Seat Dark Knight gaming chair


  • Very well made – you can feel the quality the moment you sit in this chair
  • One of the few gaming chairs in the world that support users 7 feet tall
  • 4D adjustable armrests offer a wide range of options – finding your sweet spot is fun and easy


Like all heavyweight Anda Seat chairs, the Dark Knight’s seat is too narrow to spread out your legs. That means you can either adjust to the narrow sitting style, or else choose a different model.

Who should buy this product

The Dark Knight is a no-brainer for very tall users. There are few gaming chairs out there that support people 7 feet tall, and none as luxurious as this model.

Affordable Anda Seat gaming chairs

Below are the best Anda Seat gaming chairs with more affordable price tags.

Anda Seat Viper Series

This model offers excellent value for money. In fact, it ranks as our #3 best affordable premium gaming chairs.

Premium features at affordable prices
This is a solid gaming chair in the classic racing style. It has 3D adjustable armrests and comes with three-color PVC leather styling.

This model has the same fitting profile as the Dark Demon. It’s best suited for small to average height users.

Anda Seat Viper size chart

  • Armrests: 3D adjustable armrests (up, down; forward backwards; right, left).
  • Style options: black and white with a choice of orange, blue, red or green trim.
  • Support cushions: regular-sized velour neck and lumbar cushions.

Anda Seat Viper Series gaming chair


  • Excellent value for money.
  • High quality PVC upholstery that beats that of other chairs in a similar price range.
  • No chemical smell, even when freshly unpacked from the box.


The Viper accommodates both tall and short users. However, not everyone will find the neck support pillow to be a perfect fit (it tends to fit shorter sizes best).

Who should buy this product

If you are looking for a premium gaming chair with budget prices, this is one of the best options on the market. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another chair in this price range with premium features. These include high quality upholstery, 3D adjustable armrests and lifetime warranty.

Anda Seat Assassin Series

Compared to other Anda Seat products, the Assassin Series is basic. It has 2D adjustable armrests (up and down only), which justifies the cheaper price.

Affordable basic model
The Assassin Series is somewhat limited with only 2D adjustable armrests. Otherwise, this chair offers all the great features of other Anda models. These include a sturdy build, PVC leather upholstery, deep recline and the best warranty in the business.

The Assassin Series is on the smallish side – it works best for small to average sized users.

Anda Seat Assassin Series sizing guide

  • Armrests: 2D adjustable armrests (up and down only).
  • Style options: pure black with white lettering; black with red and white trim.
  • Support cushions: standard sized velour neck and lumbar cushions.

Anda Seat assassin gaming chair


  • Very sturdy build.
  •  Firm, supportive seating  that is not too stiff.
  • Excellent quality stitching on the backrest gives this chair a premium feel.


The 2D adjustable armrests offer less versatility than other Anda Seat models. Other than that, there’s little to quibble about – this is an excellent product.

Who should buy this product

Small to average-sized users who don’t mind basic functionality will enjoy the Assassin Series. It’s a solid gaming chair that’s perfect for both work and play. Given the lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that this model will last for years.

Anda Seat Axe Series

This gaming chair is suitable for small to slightly tall users. Given the low price, it offers an impressive set of features. The only real limit is the included 2D adjustable armrests. These move up and down only and should suffice for most users. However, those suffering from wrist issues might consider paying more for better adjustability.

Budget pricing with premium quality
The Axe Series is Anda Seat's cheapest gaming chair. However, the only budget feature is the 2D adjustable armrests (a minor inconvenience). Expect stunning good looks and amazing Anda Seat quality. Plus, the lifetime warranty that should ensure that this product will last for years.

This is a versatile budget-priced product that supports small to average-sized users.

Anda Seat Axe Series size chart

  • Armrests: 2D adjustable armrests (up and down only).
  • Style options: black with white lettering; black with a choice of red, blue, grey or white trim.
  • Support cushions: regular-sized velour neck and lumbar cushions.

Anda Seat Axe Series gaming chair color options


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Stylish and noticeably sturdy – this chair feels like a tank<./li>
  • The recline option works perfectly for those wanting to watch TV or play console games.


  • The 2D armrests should suit most people. However, those with wrist issues should consider a more expensive model with 3D or 4D adjustability instead.
  • Some users complain that the neck pillow can’t tighten to the backrest. It won’t hold in place unless held using neck pressure.

Who should buy this product

If you’re looking for a budget-priced model with most of Anda Seat’s features (quality of build and styling), this is a solid pick.

Anda Seat Spirit King

This gaming chair is suitable for small to large sizes. Reasonably priced, it boasts premium features that rival Anda Seat’s most expensive options.

Affordable big and tall gaming chair
This versatile chair supports a wide range of users, but it works best for tall or heavy users. Despite the price, it packs in some serious premium features. This is an affordable alternative to Anda's higher priced heavyweight models.

This chair can support short bodies, but best supports big and tall users.
Anda Seat Spirit King size guide

  • Armrests: 3D adjustable armrests (up, down; forward backwards; right, left).
  • Style options: black with a choice of red, grey or white trim; red with black trim.
  • Support cushions: regular-sized velour neck pillow; extra large velour lumbar support pillow.

Anda Seat Spirit King color options


  • Very solid feel, even when supporting 430 pounds.
  •  The extra large back support cushion is more substantial than what most chairs offer.


  • As with other heavyweight Anda Seat models, the seat is too narrow for extra large users.
  • Heavier users may find the padding too stiff to comfortably support their weight.

Who should buy this product

This chair suits super tall or very heavy users who don’t mind the narrowness of the seat. These users will find the Spirit King an intriguing budget option. It comes close to matching the features of Anda Seat’s most expensive premium options.


The seven chairs reviewed in this guide represent the best of the Anda Seat product line. The Dark Demon and the Viper Series rank among the best premium gaming chairs in the world. However, there are better options for smaller and heavyweight users.

The problem with Anda Seat’s big and tall line of chairs is that the seat is too narrow for large or heavy users. That’s why none rank among our list of best gaming chairs for 400+ pound heavyweights.

For smaller users, Anda products are a decent choice. However, none rank among our best gaming chairs for small sizes.

That said, Anda offers a diverse range of gaming chairs that will satisfy most users. Expect sleek PVC upholstery, deep recline, amazing comfort and an unparalleled warranty.