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Gaming chairs with integrated (depth-adjustable) lumbar support

Integrated gaming lumbar support is better than a lumbar pillow. Integrated lumbar systems are depth-adjustable. Those provide better back support and superior comfort. But several top models are overpriced. Luckily, a few gems offer excellent value for money.

Herman Miller Gaming partners with Timthetatman

Herman Miller has partnered with big-time streamer Timthetatman. Tim now uses a fully-loaded Herman Miller gaming bundle. This kickstarts the #tatmanarmy as a source of feedback for gamer-friendly product development.

5-minute video guide: healthy sitting tactics in a gaming chair

If your gaming chair sitting experience is less than perfect, simple tweaks can help. Learn the point of your chair's ergonomic features, and how to use them for best results. Optimize sitting habits and boost energy levels to supercharge your computing performance.

Brand review: Cybeart Apex Series gaming chairs for Canadians

Toronto-based Cybeart has released a new gaming chair collection up North. The Cybeart Apex Series gaming chair collection is only available in Canada. There are five Justice League superhero chairs, plus new designs on the way. All come with rich ergonomic features, internal lumbar support, and stunning leather designs.

Secretlab x AAPE urban camo chair drop (SOLD OUT)

Secretlab has teamed with cult Japanese streetwear label BAPE. Its signature AAPE camo prints now come in three brilliant Secretlab gaming chair designs. Limited quantities of each colorway will be made available in two separate drops on March 25 and 31.

Best camo gaming chairs to power up your battle station

If you like hunting, fishing, and first-person shooters a camo gaming chair might be perfect for you. Check out our picks as the best camo gaming chairs on the market. Chairs come in Multicam, Woodland, Chocolate Chip, and other popular camouflage styles. Choose from high-end full-featured camo gaming chairs and also cheaper models.

Secretlab limited-edition QUICCS gaming chairs (SOLD OUT)

Secretlab has announced a limited edition run of 200 QUICCS Edition gaming chairs. Each chair comes with a custom 12-inch Secretlab MEGATEQ vinyl figure. The only way to get the toy is to buy a chair. Sign up fast to qualify. Check out the new Secretlab QUICCS Edition gaming chairs.

Review: Neo Chair Marvel edition gaming chairs

Neo Chair Marvel gaming chairs depict Captain Marvel, Deadpool, Iron Man, and other superheroes. Chose from three models. There's a basic chair with 3D armrests. Another adds a retractable footrest. A third version has an extra-wide seat. All offer incredible value for money, priced under $250.

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