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Sit taller and more dynamically with an ergonomic footrest

Instead of paying huge money for a complex ergonomic chair, stack a simple one with an footrest. That will help you sit taller, straighter, and more dynamically. Learn how to supercharge your ergonomics for under $50 with an ergonomic footrest.

Why does my gaming chair hurt my back?

Back pain in a gaming chair might not be chair-related. Often, minor user corrections can unlock the full ergonomic potential. If having problems in any type of ergo chair, try some simple neutral sitting tips. These should help you to sit longer, feel better, and be more productive.

Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk chair: review & user guide

The Secretlab Titan Cyberpunk chair is for both gamers and creative pros. Detailed review & user guide of its aesthetic and ergonomic merits. Ascend your workstation design; supercharge health, wellness, and creative productivity.

Review: Anda Seat x Marvel superhero gaming chairs

Anda Seat has partnered with Marvel on a series of superhero gaming chairs (for USA and UK residents). Read reviews of four new models. The two luxury models are Captain America and Spider-Man gaming chairs. The affordable models pay tribute to Iron Man and Ant-Man.

Secretlab gaming chair unboxing and assembly guide

Follow along as we unbox, assemble, and start using three Secretlab gaming chairs. Get a preview of how your new chair will boost your health, wellness, and workstation aesthetics. Read this detailed preview of the superb Secretlab 'new gaming chair' experience.

DXRacer Racing Pro Series review: after eight months of use

After using the DXRacer Racing PRO Series RV131 for eight months, it's time for a review. Looking for an affordable pro esports gaming chair? If you're between 170-182 cm (5'7" to 6'0) tall, this model performs like a champion.

Anda Seat Dark Wizard: review and office worker case study

When Anda Seat offered to send over a review model, we decided to put it through a real-world test. This Anda Seat Dark Wizard review comes from the perspective of a full-time office worker. As expected, the Dark Wizard improved his health, wellness, and computing productivity.

Emerging gaming chair brand and trend picks for 2021

Here's a look forward at what to expect in the 2021 gaming chair industry. First, a summary of emerging high-end gaming chair brands. Second, our gaming chair predictions for the new year. Those include possible new features and potential design trends.

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