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Secretlab mask initiative for COVID-19 relief

Frontline medical workers are facing a critical shortage of personal protective equipment. Secretlab has declared it time for the esports community to help. First, Secretlab is donating 50,000 masks to hospitals in America. On top of that, Secretlab and partners will donate proceeds from chair sales. Every partner chair sold will see another 200 masks donated to the cause.

Secretlab COVID-19 mask donation drive
Secretlab has initiated a mask donation drive with their esports partners.

Check out the details in their Facebook post. It’s a timely move. Working at home has become essential for many. After a few days of working at their kitchen table, most realize that they need an ergonomic chair.

The Secretlab Titan and Omega chairs are among the best high-end gaming chairs on the market. The Titan has an internal lumbar like pricey ergonomic chairs. It also comes with a wider seat and larger dimensions than the Omega. Both offer industry-leading comfort and features that support long bouts of healthy sitting.

That’s why Secretlab partners with some of the top esports teams in the world. Pro players train around 10 hours each day. The quality of the chair has a huge impact on performance.

Secretlab mask donation drive

From now until April 13, every one of the following chairs sold will fund 200 extra masks for the cause.

This gives consumers a chance to optimize their home workstation. In doing so, they also give a boost to workers on the front lines. All of the following chairs qualify. All are available in Titan and Omega versions. Check out our Secretlab brand review to learn the key differences between the Titan and the Omega.

Pro esports partner chairs

Buy any one of the following chairs and an extra 200 masks get donated to the front lines. These donations are a collaboration between Secretlab and each partner.

Check out the full list of Secretlab pro esports team chairs.

Team OG

Secretlab OG Esports official team chairs
Check out the OG Titan and Omega models on the Secretlab website.

Johan “N0tail” Sundstein is the OG CEO and team Captain. He says that Secretlab has always been at the forefront of helping gamers perform better. “This resonates deeply with us at OG, and that’s what makes Secretlab the perfect partner.” He added: “We’re confident this partnership will take our entire organization… to the next level.” (source)

The Secretlab DreamOG edition has a navy-blue base with white and silver accents. According to n0tail, these colors “… represent all our values: simplicity, solidity, and strength.”

OG Esports official team chairs by Secretlab

Two Aegis icons embroidered on the right shoulder mark OG’s dual International wins. On the backrest there are inverse hexagon patterns that look like chemical bonds. These illustrate the strong bond between the OG organization, its players and fans. Check out the new Chair on the Secretlab website:

Buy a Secretlab DreamOG edition

G2 Esports

G2 Esports is a Spanish team co-founded by Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez and Jens Hilgers in 2014. Formerly called Gamers2, the team HQ is in Berlin, Germany.

Secretlab G2 Esports chair

The “Army of Champions Edition” features the team’s signature black and white colors. The Titan is the larger chair with a wider seat. It also has internal lumbar support. The Omega uses a traditional back pillow that attaches to the backrest.

Secretlab Titan and Omega G2 Esports chairs
The Titan differs from the Omega with an internal lumbar support system and flat, wide seat.

Embroidered team logos show in two styles on the front and rear of the backrest. The Army of Champions Edition also bears the official name of the G2 fanbase, with #G2ARMY sewn into the right backrest shoulder.

Secretlab G2: Army of Champions Editions


Astralis is the CS:GO team within the Denmark-based Astralis Group. The other two teams in the group are Origen (League of Legends) and Future FC (FIFA).

Astlaris and Secretlab partnership
This Danish powerhouse invests in performance optimization techniques for their players.

The Astralis Group is a performance optimization pioneer. The Astralis Performance Model is about nutrition, fitness and rest. When all three are on-point, esports players perform better.

Secretlab Astralis gaming chairs

The Astralis Omega and Titan 2020 Series chairs come in carbon PU leather with grey accents and team logos on the front and back.

Browse Astralis Special Editions on Secretlab


Cloud9 is an American esports team with a heavy-hitting roster of big-name investors. These include the WWE, NFL legend Joe Montana and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.

Cloud9 Secretlab partnership

The Cloud9 Omega and Titan 2020 Series chairs come in black PU leather with blue PU trim. This model is also one of the first-ever gaming chairs that allow deeper customization.

Secretlab Titan Cloud9 Edition
Cloud9 models come in Secretlab Titan and Omega models.

Soft, velcro-ready fabric covers the wings of the chair. This is where users can display their favorite Cloud9 team patches. Each chair ships with a Cloud9 team patch (pictured). Other patches are available from the Cloud9 website.

Secretlab Cloud9 shoulder patches
Affix velcro patches of your choice along the shoulder of the chair. (Image: Cloud9)

Browse Cloud9 Special Editions on Secretlab

Team Secret

Team Secret is a European squad co-founded in 2014 by “Puppey” Ivanov and “Cyborgmatt” Bailey. The team has over $10 million in career earnings, most from playing Dota 2.

Team Secret special edition gaming chairs by Secretlab
Puppey and a mate enjoying Team Secret special edition chairs.

This is their first official chair partner. Team Secret team captain Puppey had this to say about the deal: “We’ve sat in a lot of gaming chairs. I can say that Secretlab has been one of my favorites to sit in – they’re perfect for long hours of training…”

Team Secret Secretlab branded chairs

The Team Secret editions come in black PU leather with white trim and team logos on the front and back. It’s one of Secretlab’s more basic team designs, but an appealing option for Team Secret fans.

Secretlab Team Secret Edition

Official video game partner chairs

Secretlab also sponsors a few official video game chairs. They’ve partnered with Riot Games (Overwatch) and Valve (Dota 2) with the same deal, until April 13. Every chair solid will yield an extra 200 masks donated to front line workers in America.

Check out the full list of official video game chairs (others are not included in the mask donation drive).

Dota 2 chairs

Secretlab Dota 2 edition chairs
Dota 2 models available in Titan or Omega editions.

Heavy sitting loads demands professional support. Secretlab’s Titan and Omega are the world’s first official Dota 2 gaming chairs.

Browse Dota 2 models on Secretlab

Secretlab Overwatch chairs

20 years ago in Overwatch lore, a massive Omnic Colossus attacked South Korea. Rising from the East China Sea, it caused catastrophic damage. In response, the South Korean government developed a mechanized drone unit called MEKA. But the monstrosity adapted. Desperate, the government turned to pro gamers to serve as pilots.

Hana Song, also known as “D.Va.” is a fierce competitor who plays to win at all costs. She has a well-earned reputation for showing no mercy to her opponents.

Overwatch D.Va Overwatch gaming chairs
D.Va. is a fierce South Korean tank character in Overwatch.

Secretlab’s D.Va. Overwatch chair comes in pink Softweave fabric. This material is ultra-breathable and more durable than PU leather. If the pink is too much for you, there’s also a general Overwatch edition. That model uses Carbon PU leather with bright orange trim.

Secretlab Overwatch chair upholstery
Both models offer exquisite styling and superior durability.

The quality of both the mesh fabric and PU leather is superb. Both come with Secretlab’s industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Browse Overwatch models on Secretlab


Secretlab will donate 50,000 masks to American workers on the front lines. On top of that, until April 13, every sold chair in this article will see another 200 masks donated.

This is a great time to optimize your home office, supercharge your work habits, and help the community.

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