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Secretlab goes All Out with official K/DA gaming chairs

Riot Games’ virtual music group K/DA is back. The group released a new track earlier this week. On Halloween, K/DA returns to the stage to kick off the League of Legends finals. To celebrate, Secretlab has released a new K/DA All Out edition. This joins the K/DA Pop Stars edition released earlier this year.

K/DA gaming chairs
Now you can choose between K/DA All Out and Pop Stars Edition gaming chairs.

League of Legends is a video game published by Riot Games. K/DA is a virtual pop music group that started as a League of Legends player skin promotion. The four members of the group represent four characters in the video game.

Miyeon and Soyeon K/DA Pop Stars
Miyeon (Ahri) and Soyeon (Akali) in Ahri and Akali K/DA Pop Stars gaming chairs. Source: (G)I-dle

Each character in the group is voiced by a real pop star: two Koreans and two Americans. In 2018, K/DA released its first song Pop Stars. The group recently released an EP on Spotify after a 2-year hiatus.

Secretlab K/DA gaming chairs

There are now two K/DA designs in the Secretlab gaming chair collection. Both editions come in Omega and Titan variants. The Omega is a smaller, slim-fitting chair with a memory foam lumbar pillow. The Titan is a larger, wider model with a depth-adjustable internal lumbar support. Learn the differences in detail in our Titan vs Omega comparison feature.

K/DA All Out gaming chair

K/DA All Out Edition gaming chairs

The Secretlab K/DA All Out gaming chair takes inspiration from the upcoming EP All Out. The design brings K/DA’s new iridescent visual concept to life. It has a black base accented with embroidered fractal patterns on the chair’s wings.

K/DA All Out gaming chair released

The backrest has the group’s name with more fractals and stunning iridescent shapes. Along the front of the backrest is the group’s name and the crest of each member. There is Ahri the Queen, Evelynn the Diva, Kai’Sa the Dancer, and Akali the Rebel.

K/DA All Out Titan Edition $489

The Omega K/DA All Out chair is also available from Secretlab for $449. All K/DA chairs are available from Secretlab in North America, the UK, EU, Australia, Singapore, and South Korea.

K/DA Pop Stars gaming chair

K/DA Pop Stars gaming chair
K/DA Pop Stars Edition. Images by Riot Games and the Spiral Cats.

This design pays tribute to Akali’s iconic Pop Stars look. It has a black base with gold and purple trim, with grid-pattern embroidery on the wings.

League of Legends K/DA gaming chair
K/DA Pop Stars edition gaming chair.

On the back is a golden dragon embroidered with stunning detail. Besides the K/DA Akali edition, Secretlab also has an Ionia Akali edition. Complementing those are Yasuo and Ahri edition chairs.

K/DA Pop Stars Edition $489

The Omega K/DA Pop Stars chair is also available from Secretlab for $449. All K/DA chairs are available from Secretlab in the USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, Singapore, and South Korea.

Other League of Legends chairs

Besides the two K/DA chairs, Secretlab offers a few other League of Legends designs. First, there are official tournament chairs used at the League of Legends World Championships. Second is an “Ionia Collection” with hero chairs inspired by Ahri, Akali, and Yasuo.

League of Legends gaming chairs
There are six chairs in the Secretlab LOL collection.

Check out our League of Legends summary for a look at all chair designs:

Review: Secretlab League of Legends collection

Introduction to K/DA

Kill Death Assist (ratio) is a measure of success when playing the League of Legends video game. In 2018, LOL publisher Riot Games released new player skins for the game. To hype the release, they formed a virtual pop music group voiced by real Korean and American pop stars.

A few days before the 2018 LOL finals, the K/DA track Pop Stars dropped on Youtube. It featured a delightfully catchy song and amazing animations of the virtual singers. A few days later at the World Championships, the virtual singers teamed up with the real ones. What followed was a mind-blowing live performance mixing real people with virtual characters.

Best K/DA music on Youtube

After a 2-year hiatus, K/DA is back with a new EP titled “All Out” dropping on November 6. Here is the latest track:

Fuelled by a rabid fanbase, this song garnered 10 million Youtube views in less than one day. If you’ve not yet gone down the K/DA rabbit hole, get ready for a wild, mesmerizing ride.

For K/DA newcomers, here are our favorite versions of their songs on Youtube:

As a bonus track, here is an amazing mashup of Pop Stars and Mic Drop by BTS:


Secretlab K/DA gaming chairs have wide appeal, with designs that suit both genders. K/DA songs glisten with vibrant themes of empowerment. That has inspired millions. On Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter, there are endless K/DA remixes, reaction videos, game streams, dance, and cosplay performances.

However you’re inspired to go all out in expressing yourself, these chairs provide superb support. Gamers, K-pop fans, cosplayers, and even grumpy old office workers can enjoy sitting with perfect posture for long periods. Either design will bring vibrancy to a workspace.

K/DA Pop Stars vs All Out

Omega models have slimmer dimensions well-suited to small, slim sizes. Titan chairs offer more legroom and more sophisticated lumbar support. Both provide superb comfort and posture support for long periods of sitting.

If you’re a K/DA fan who spends long periods sitting, the only question is which model to choose. Early K/DA fans might prefer the Pop Stars design. Newer fans may prefer the All Out Editions. Either one will serve for years as the most comfortable computing chair you’ve ever had.

Click the link below to browse all League of Legends Secretlab chairs. The collection includes two K/DA chairs and three character chairs (Yasuo, Akali, Ahri). There are also Champions chairs used at the LOL Finals.

All Secretlab League of Legends chairs

The Ionia collection is for users in North America, Europe, the UK, Australia, Singapore, and South Korea. Click to access the appropriate store for your region.

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