Global gaming chair market set to grow by 5%


Market research leader Technavio recently released their report on the global gaming chair market, predicting a 5% rise between 2019-2023, or growth of around USD $66 million.

Gaming chair market growth

The APAC region will drive the growth of the gaming chair market in coming years

44% of total growth is expected to come from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. This is because the APAC region shows especially robust demand for PC and console gaming devices - this drives demand for gaming chairs as well.

Subsequently, outside of the home or office, the biggest demand for gaming chairs in this region comes from modern gaming chair cafes that cater to e-sports enthusiasts.

Asia gaming cafe

High end esports cafes in Asia are fueling demand for gaming chairs

These provide Asian youth the opportunity to socialize with other gamers, while having access to the latest and greatest video games. For example, India's Ark Nemesis Gaming offers a top-of-the-line gaming experience that draws huge crowds.

The purpose of gaming chairs in this scenario is not only to look flashy, but also to comfortably support the back for long hours of gaming. This is good business - healthy and energetic people socializing and playing video games in clean, controlled environments.  

Below is a summary of other key points from the report that pertain to the future growth of the gaming chair market.

Why is the gaming chair market growing?

What are the top gaming chair brands?

What does the future hold for gaming chairs?

What this means for consumers

Like the Betamax, Google Glass and smartphone, gaming chairs entered the market in 2006 as an emerging technology. Not all technologies make it.

In this climate, gaming chair adoption among gamers, esports cafes and working professionals continues to increase. With $66 million in growth projected in the next few years, we can expect fierce competition among industry leaders, plus plenty of new entrants into a super competitive marketplace. 

These industry wars will directly benefit the consumer. Expect features and quality to go up, while prices come down. 

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