Buying a Gaming Chair in Canada

Buying a gaming chair in Canada can be difficult. One reason for that is lack of awareness about gaming chair benefits and variations. Another reason has to do with the realities of Canadian retail. Most clerks can’t give informed advice. Thus many users risk investing in gaming chairs that won’t suit their needs.

Canada retail shopping
Canadian retail outlets are not the best places to find the perfect gaming chair.

This article fills the information gap for Canadians wanting to buy a gaming chair. It breaks down all options in Canada. This will put you in an informed position to get the best value for your gaming chair investment.

Canada’s lackluster eSports scene

The global eSports market generated 77 billion worth of consumer spending in 2018. China generated the most. USA was second, Japan third and Canada well behind.

Global eSports revenue

One reason that eSports is growing in Asia is cheap, fast internet that is accessible for all. For example, the price of an 8Mbps internet connection in South Korea costs $24, which is 44% cheaper than the equivalent in Toronto. In Cambodia, an unmetered 6Mbps home package costs $12 per month.

Fast, cheap internet in Asia has helped nurture a massive gaming, e-sports and luxury technology market. In terms of gaming chairs, 44% of global gaming chair growth is expected to come from Asia over the next five years.

Most gaming chairs are made in Asia – all the top brands are readily accessible.

Low Yat Plaza Kuala Lumpur
Mega technology malls like Malaysia’s Low Yat Plaza stock all the latest technologies – and plenty of gaming chairs.

In sharp contrast, the gaming chair scene in Canada is weak. There aren’t big technology malls like there are in Asia. This means limited access to gaming chairs on display for you to try out in person.

BestBuy outlet in Ontario
Best-buy is a walk-in ordering service – no gaming chairs are on display.

Across Canadian retail outlets, expect minimal information for first-time buyers. That means limited insights about sizing, price, upholstery options, ergonomics, and special features.

Gaming chair showrooms in Canada

Gaming chairs are big and heavy. Canadian transport costs and retail space is expensive. Thus, there are few places to check out gaming chairs in person. Google maps shows there are just a few official brand showrooms in the country:

In contrast there are plenty of gaming chair showrooms and displays across Asia. As one example, check out our video review of the Secretlab Titan. That was filmed during a tour of Secretlab’s Singapore showroom.

Worst place to buy a gaming chair in Canada

In Canada, buying a gaming chair from a generic ‘shipping depot’ like BestBuy is the worst option.

Worst place to buy a gaming chair
For gaming chairs, BestBuy is the worst shopping experience possible.

Such outlets are technically brick-and-mortar walk in shops, but few gaming chairs are on display. If you choose to order one, the clerk can take your order, but not be able to give much insight into your purchase.

In other words, these services work like Amazon – with less reviews and user feedback and some shady practices that will confuse first time buyers. For example, BestBuy stocks a few bluechip brands like DXRacer and Vertagear chairs, and a whole bunch of no-name brands. Pricing is all over the place.

Check out their featured racing chairs – all of them are generic no-names with inconsistent pricing:

Bestbuy featured gaming chairs
Choosing the right gaming chair on BestBuy is very difficult.

Meanwhile Staples shows their quality by selling meaningless service packages with chairs that already come with manufacturer warranties – shady business!

Staples upsell scam
Staples upsells service packages on chairs that already come with manufacturer warranties .

Best place to buy a gaming chair in Canada

Most Canadians likely don’t live near a gaming gaming chair showrooms. Thus the best option for Canadians to purchase a gaming chair is online. Buy directly from the manufacturer, or via

Amazon exceeds both BestBuy and Staples. Amazon lists all the top brands with plenty of user feedback. They also provide direct access to manufacturer warranties. In many cases free shipping is included.

What to consider before buying

The first thing to understand is the purpose of a gaming chair. That is to support good posture for long hours of gaming or working. For more info, check our gaming chair user manual or summary of gaming chair benefits.

Once you get your head around those concepts, there are four basic classes of gaming chairs to consider (all are available for sale in Canada):

  1. Premium gaming chairs: these generally cost between $200 to $500
  2. Budget gaming chairs: these generally cost less than $200
  3. Gaming chairs for small sizes: these ensure precise ergonomics for petite sizes
  4. Gaming chairs for heavyweights: these support big and tall users weighing up to 400 pounds

Best gaming chair brands for Canadians

As an extra piece of research, below are some of our favorite gaming chair brands. These are all trusted brands with proven products and excellent after-care.


#1st rated

Secretlab is our top-rated gaming chair brand. Their flagship Secretlab Titan is the best gaming chair you can buy.

Secretlab Titan color choices
The Titan is our top-rated luxury chair.

Founded in Singapore, Secretlab is widely regarded one of the top premium gaming chair manufacturers. The Secretlab Titan 2020 Series is our pick as the top gaming chair in the world, while the Secretlab Throne is our top-ranked chair for small sizes.

Buy the Titan from Secretlab

To provide the best experience for users, each Secretlab chair cuts out the middleman – chairs are produced in a Secretlab facility and shipped by Secretlab direct to your door. All chairs come with a rock solid 5-year warranty, with after-care by a very sharp support team that will handle all of your concerns with friendly efficiency.

Full Secretlab Titan Review


#2nd rated

DXRacer was the first gaming chair maker and they are still one of the best. All models come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on parts.

DXRacer Drifting Series gaming chairs

Their Drifting Series model is a gaming chair modified for the needs of desk workers. Any non-gaming Canadian who spends long hours sitting should check out this chair.

Buy on Amazon Price not available

This writers has owned two DXRacers and enjoyed both. The Drifting Series is a gaming chair designed for office workers. The Formula Series is a slightly roomier chair best suited for gamers. DXRacer offers a range of options, all of which are high-end products that make excellent choices for first-time users.

Drifting Series Full Review

Anda Seat

#3rd rated

Anda Seat ranks #3 because they make great chairs and the are headquartered in Toronto. Anda Seat makes some excellent premium gaming chairs. In addition they offer some of the highest quality budget chairs on the market.

Anda Seat Viper Series gaming chair
Anda’s Viper Series is a high end yet low priced chair.

The Anda Seat Viper Series is an attractive sturdy chair with high end features. It stands out because it’s much cheaper than competing chairs. Canadians looking for the best value for money should consider the Viper.

Anda Seat Viper on Amazon Price not available

Their showroom is located in Richmond Hill, just a short drive from downtown Toronto. If you want to check out gaming chairs in person, this is a great option.

Anda Seat Brand Review


#4th rated

Vertagear ranks #4. They are an American company based in Los Angeles.

SL2000 gaming chair colors
The Vertagear SL2000 is their most popular chair.

Founded in 2015, Vertagear is an American company that produces a number of reasonably priced premium gaming chairs. All come draped in ultra-durable PVC synthetic leather in a wide range of stunning color options. The SL2000 (pictured) is their most popular chair.

Buy the SL2000 on Amazon Price not available

Vertagear is a reliable brand known for consistent quality. All models come with an impressive lifetime warranty on the frame and 10-year warranty on parts.

Vertagear Brand Review


#5th rated

Arozzi ranks #5 on the strength of their Vernazza gaming chair. It’s one of the best luxury models on the market.

Arozzi Vernazza Super Series
The Arozzi Vernazza is one of the best high end gaming chairs.

Arozzi is a Swedish manufacturer of luxury gaming chairs, desks and gaming accessories. Arozzi product lines include entry level, luxury and extra large gaming chairs.

Buy the Vernazza on Amazon $399.00

Their flagship model is the Arozzi Vernazza Series Super Premium Gaming Chair.. It stands out with solid features and quality upholstery in striking color schemes.

Arozzi Brand Review


Canada doesn’t have many gaming chair showrooms. That makes it difficult for first-time buyers to browse models in person. Doing so helps you get a feel for the pros and cons of different brands.

Canadians can easily buy a gaming chair at BestBuy or Staples. However, both outlets will do little to inform you on the best choices for your needs.

Thus we suggest doing your homework. Browse ChairsFX gaming chair reviews and buying guides. Those will help you to find the perfect gaming chair for your needs. Once you’re chosen your model, buy directly from the manufacturer or else on

​Buying on Amazon has many benefits. First, they offer the widest range of products. Second, each purchase gives you direct access to manufacturers. Third, most chairs come with free shipping. Finally, Amazon has plenty of verified user feedback. That makes it easy to gauge the reputation of a chair you’re thinking of buying.

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