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Best PS4 & Xbox gaming chairs for your back

With most of the world confined to their homes, video gameplay has skyrocketed. PC gamers who sit at desks can use PC gaming chairs to support their backs. But what about Xbox or PS4 players gaming in their living rooms? Let’s investigate the best PS4 and Xbox gaming chairs for your back.

For a few years, many have marketed floor and pedestal rocker gaming chairs to console gamers. The first selling point of console chairs is that they provide better back support than gaming on a sofa.

Indeed, both floor and pedestal rockers have better back support than gaming on the floor or sofa. But neither type is actually good for your back.

PC gaming chairs vs console gaming chairs
PC gaming chairs support the spine’s natural curves; console chairs do not.

Notice how gaming chairs support the natural curves of the spine. In contrast, gaming rockers curl your body into the shape of a boiled shrimp. We know this because we studied the best console chairs in-depth.

Problems with console rockers

In our first study, we analyzed the four different types of console gaming chairs. In our second study, we reviewed best-selling console gaming chairs on Amazon.

Console gaming chair four types
These are the four most popular types of Xbox gaming chairs.

Most top-selling Xbox & PS4 console chairs have a few things in common. First, they have very short warranties — often less than one year. Second, none offer any specific features to support the back. In fact, most focus on frivolous features like built-in speakers or massage units. As an alternative to sofa gaming, top-selling console chairs are a mediocre upgrade.

Floor and pedestal console chairs offer decent comfort for short periods of gaming. Over long (daily) sessions, sitting in a console gaming chair can be very bad for your back. For one thing, console chairs don’t support the spine’s natural curves. For another, they have no adjustable features to support dynamic sitting. Also, most have fixed armrests or none at all. That provides insufficient arm support for gamers as they grip their controllers.

Criteria: best PS4 & Xbox gaming chairs

The best-selling Xbox gaming chairs are living room-friendly. That means they are light, portable and easy to stash in a closet when not gaming. But the problem with console gaming chairs is that they are bad for your back.

In sharp contrast, PC gaming chairs are good for your back. Luckily, modding PC chairs for living room gameplay is easy.

Using PC gaming chairs for console gaming
It’s easy to modify most PC gaming chairs for console gaming.

  1. Start with a gaming chair that you can lower as close to the ground as possible.
  2. For console gaming in front of a TV, lower the gaming chair until it’s at around the same height as a pedestal rocker.
  3. Use the built-in rocking function while you game.

Using the tilt-tension rocking function is a dynamic sitting technique. By changing position, you switch up the muscles that support your back. That keeps your body fresh, letting you game with a healthy posture for longer periods.

Best PS4 & Xbox chairs for the back

Now we have clear criteria to recommend the best Xbox gaming chairs for your back. First, PC gaming chairs are the best type of gaming chair for your back. That’s because PC gaming chairs support the spine’s natural curves. They also enable dynamic sitting through a suite of adjustable features. Additional criteria for this review:

  • Cheap price: most young gamers can’t afford to pay more than $200 for a gaming chair. Only PC gamers will benefit from paying more. If you stick with consoles in your living room, buy a cheap gaming chair.
  • Low height: the chair should lower to the same height as a console chair. That usually puts it within an optimal view of the TV screen.
  • Tilt-tension rocking: the tilt-tension feature enables smooth rocking of the seat and backrest in sync. Loosening the tension lets your legs exert less force to rock the chair. This feature works best when the chair is lowered. That’s because lowering puts your feet in a position to exert more upward force to rock the chair.

A final criterion is that the chair is among the top-50 of Amazon’s best-selling video game chairs rankings. Appearing in the rankings is important. It shows that many others have tested these models as console chairs and enjoyed them.


Amazon price: $184.05

For several months, the Respawn-110 has sat atop Amazon’s list of best-selling video game chairs. It meets all of our criteria, and also comes with a retractable footrest.

Seat height: 19.25″ to 22.5″
Functionality: tilt-tension; fixed armrests; retractable footrest; backrest recline to 155°.
Warranty: lifetime Respawn warranty

Respawn 110 footrest gaming chair

The RSP-110 is very versatile. It has the requisite neck and lumbar support pillows to ensure a good sitting posture. That makes it effective as an upright office chair. It also works well as a console chair. When you roll it into the living room, you can lower it to 19.5″ off the ground. Even better, the retractable footrest lets you kick up your feet and ease back like you would in a La-Z-Boy.

Respawn-100 on Amazon $184.05

For competing footrest models, check our review of the best gaming chairs with footrests.

Respawn-110 sizing

The Respawn-110 has a wide, deep seat but otherwise compact dimensions. it should fit most slim-sized adults, teens, and adolescents.

  • Seat width & depth: 21″ (W) x 21.5″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 30.5″ (H), 22″ (W)
  • Size rating: 5’5″ to 5’9″; up to 275 pounds.

Respawn-110 gaming chair review

GTRacing Pro Series

Current price: $184.05

GTRacing Pro Series gaming chairs come in several color combinations. The Pro Series Classic GT099 Red is the most famous model. This is also a consistent top-5 seller for console gamers. It lacks a footrest but beats the RSP-110 with 2D adjustable arms and a deeper recline. It also has a larger seat depth range, allowing you to lower the seat closer to the floor.

Seat height: 17.32″ to 21.56″
Functionality: tilt-tension; 2D armrests; backrest recline to 170°.
Warranty: extended 2-year warranty when you buy direct from GTRacing.

GTRacing Pro Series gaming chairs
GTRacing Pro Series chairs are one of the best racing style options for console gamers.

As a PC gaming chair, Pro Series chairs offer comfort, good back support and a solid build. As an Xbox or PS4 gaming chair in the living room, it is very versatile. You can lower the seat 17.32″ off the ground. In deep 170° recline, you can still make use of the armrests to support your use of a gaming controller.

What’s more, GTRacing Pro Series chairs can take a beating. The whole family can use this chair, fiddling around with all the settings. Even after a year of heavy use, this chair will look and work like new. To keep clean, wipe it down with a damp cloth before using it.

Check GT099 Classic prices on GTRACING

Also available on Amazon for $159.99 with a 1-year warranty. Buy direct from GTRacing for extended 2-year warranty.

GTRacing Pro Series sizing

This is a compact chair with great dimensions for console gamers. You can lower the seat close to the ground, adjust the armrests in two ways, and enjoy a robust rocking function. Because of the small dimensions, this is a great choice for kids (as well as small-bodied adults).

  • Seat width & depth: 21.26″ (W) x 22.8″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 32.5″ (H), 21.5″ (W)
  • Size rating: people 5’4″ to 5’11” tall; up to 330 pounds

Detailed GTRacing Pro Series review

Homall Classic Series

Current price: $119.99

The Homall Classic os the top-selling PC gaming chair in the world. For console gamers, it’s also a top-seller, ranking a little behind the GTRacing Classic. It also falls a bit behind the GTRacing Pro Series for console gaming purposes. First, because it sits higher off the ground. Second, because it has fixed armrests instead of adjustable ones.

Adjustable armrests are better for console gamers. When you lower the seat and use the rocking functions, it’s nice to have the ability to lower or raise the armrests.

Seat height: 17.3″ to 21.5″
Functionality: tilt-tension; fixed armrests; recline to 180°.
Warranty: 1-year warranty.

Homall Classic gaming chairs
Homall Classics are cheap, comfortable and reliable.

Homall succeeds by giving a decent level of back support and comfort. Homall chairs lack the build quality of GTRacing chairs. The former feels solid, even after months of heavy use. In contrast, Homall chairs can show early signs of degrading. Parts start to get squeaky. The padding is faster to flatten, especially with heavy daily use.

Given its popularity, most people seem willing to live with these limitations. The Homall Classic delivers. It’s cheap, comfortable and will support your back. It’s not ideal for full-time use, but for part-timers, is a great bargain.

Buy the Homall Classic on Amazon $119.99

Homall Classic sizing

Homall Classics are even more compact than GTRacing chairs. This model has a narrow seat best-suited to very small adults or normal-sized adolescents.

  • Seat width & depth: 20.5″ (W) x 19.8″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 30.5″ (H), 22.5″ (W)
  • Size rating: people 5’4″ to 5’10” tall; up to 300 pounds

Detailed Homall Classic review

GTRacing Music Series

Current price: $184.05

Many of the pricier pedestal and floor rockers come with built-in speakers. On console rockers, those are a highlight feature. On GTRacing Music Series chairs, they are an addon. We’re not fans because of the ambient noise pollution — wearing headphones is polite!

GTRacing Music Series gaming chairs
Music Series gaming chairs offer surround sound through the backrest.

For players who insist on blaring their games, these Music chairs are modified GTRacing Pro models. Big holes fit into the upper backrest to house speakers. To charge, run a USB cable from the chair to a charging adapter. A 3-hour charge will get you 5-6 hours of music time. You can connect the speakers to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Music Series chairs have the same specs and sizing as GTRacing Pro Series chairs:

Seat height: 17.32″ to 21.56″
Functionality: tilt-tension; 2D armrests; backrest recline to 170°.
Warranty: extended 2-year warranty when you buy direct from GTRacing.

GT890M Music Series gaming chair
The GT890M is a Classic model with added Bluetooth speakers.

One model in the Music Series line is the GT890M. This is a GT099-RED (best-selling Classic model) with added speakers. With the speakers the only addition, this chair costs over $30 more than a standard Classic Red chair.

Check GT890M prices from GTRACING

Available on Amazon for $183.99 with a 1-year warranty. Buy direct from GTRacing for extended 2-year warranty.

There are only a few Bluetooth speaker models available on Amazon. To get a full view of all options on offer, browse all models on the GTRacing website.

GTRacing brand review: their best chairs

BestOffice budget gaming chair

Current price: $94.99

This is an ultra-cheap gaming chair-office chair hybrid. It’s a top-3 seller with over 3,200 reviews on Amazon. It has more basic features than most PC chairs. But it still offers much better back support than console chairs.

BestOffice cheap gaming chair

Like PC gaming chairs, the BestOffice comes with a removable neck pillow. Instead of a removable lumbar pillow, it has a fixed one. It also has a fixed backrest.

Seat height: 17.7″ to 20.8″
Functionality: tilt-tension; fixed backrest (no recline); 1D armrests; adjustable height.
Warranty: 90-day warranty.

This chair also has unique armrests that swing upward. That comes in handy for console gamers. Use the armrests for support part of the time. Flip them up and use your own muscles part of the time. That dynamic sitting technique works different muscles at different times. Using such tricks keeps your muscles fresh while also strengthening your core muscles.

BestOffice chair armrests
The 1D adjustable armrests swing upwards.

BestOffice sizing

Compared to other PC chairs, the BestOffice model has a wider and deeper seat. It also can lower to 17.7″ from the floor. As well, it has a shorter backrest than other PC chairs. It offers a short, wide and comfortable seat.

  • Seat width & depth: 24″ (W) x 24″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 28″ (H), 23.2″ (W)
  • Total height: people 5’3″ to 5’10” tall; up to 250 pounds

On Amazon, BestOffice chairs have different prices for different colors. The Classic White is the best-selling version. It costs $94.99. The Red edition is one of several other options that cost $122.88.

As a full-time chair, BestOffice models lack the adjustability. The padding is also very basic. As console chairs, they are decent. These models provide better back support than gaming rockers. They are also very cheap. If you need a bare-bones PS4 or Xbox gaming chair, this is a thrifty choice.

BestOffice Classic White on Amazon $94.99

PS4 and Xbox gaming chair advice

This article contents that the best PS4 and Xbox gaming chairs are PC gaming chairs. This section contains supporting advice for that proposition.

Why you should pay less than $200

Console gamers usually play games in front of their televisions. Most consoles like the Xbox and PS4 also play movies. Consoles are for consumption. To passively consume media, it doesn’t make sense to pay more than $200 for a chair. What you need at that level is basic, decent back support.

Secretlab Titan for pro esports
Secretlab PC chairs power some of the world’s biggest esports tournaments.

When gamers start to get serious, they can switch to PC gaming. A personal computer makes for a powerful gaming rig. But it’s also a creator’s studio. That’s why so many gamers like PewDiePie are hard-core content creators.

Once you’re ready to produce something on a PC, it’s worth investing in a professional gaming chair. But if only noodling around in your living room, paying less than $200 will give you better value for your money.

Console rockers are bad for your back

As we already pointed out, Xbox and PS4 floor and pedestal rockers are bad for your back. The first reason is because of that console rockers don’t support the natural curves of your spine. In fact, using one will curl your hips forward, while also curving your spine.

Posture problems with console gaming chairs
Console rockers push the hips forward and curves the upper back.

Another problem with console rockers is the flimsy arm support. Many models come with armrests that are more cosmetic than functional.

Console rocker versus PC chair arm support
PC gaming offers offer excellent arm support compared to console rockers.

Each human arm weighs around 6% of total body weight. That means a 170-pound person’s arms weigh around 10 pounds each. Without good armrest support, your spine must hold your arms up against gravity. When gripping game controllers, muscle strain also hits your wrists and forearms.

Console gaming rockers are bad for your back
Heavy use of a console gaming chair can ruin your posture and harm your back.

In summary, a console gaming rocker will curl your neck and hips forward. As you game, the extra weight from your arms will also pull the neck and upper body forward. The result is a deep slouch that will get worse the longer you use the chair.

Using a PC chair for console gaming

Since console gaming is just for passive entertainment, we suggest paying no more than $200 for a chair.

Using PC gaming chairs for console gaming
Follow these steps to use any PC gaming chair for console gameplay.

All five PC gaming chairs reviewed in this article offer great back support for Xbox and PS4 gamers. These models all have adjustable features and provide a comfortable sitting experience. You can also lower them close to the floor and set them up in front of your TV. Then, they work the same as console rockers, but better.

Best PS4 and Xbox gaming chairs
Buy a good PC gaming chair to ensure healthy sitting while you play games.

That’s because gaming chairs are good for your back. The support long periods of healthy sitting. Using one will improve both your posture and your gaming performance.

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