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Best ergonomic office chairs for your back

Internet computing became an essential part of office culture in the 1990s. Then, ergonomics were terrible and back problems were common. Today, most savvy professionals use ergonomic office chairs. These support good sitting posture, improve wellness and boost productivity. So which ergonomic office chairs are best for your back? What models yield the best productivity and wellness benefits? This article summarizes the best ergonomic office chairs available for sale in 2020.

Herman Miller Aeron ergonomic office chair
Herman Miller shook up the seating industry with their 1994 Aeron ergonomic chair.

Herman Miller released the world’s first ergonomic office chair in 1994. At the time, Internet computing wasn’t yet ubiquitous — some still worked with pen and paper. As a result, the Herman Miller Aeron was dubbed an “ergonomic task chair”. The name implies that these chairs would support good posture while doing all types of seated tasks.

What is an ergonomic task chair?

An ergonomic task chair is also called an ergonomic office chair. It is an office chair with adjustable parts. Its parts support good posture and comfort over long periods of sitting.

Herman Miller Embody features
Herman Miller Embody features include seat and backrest sync. The seat is also depth adjustable.

The best ergonomic office chairs have these as standard features:

  • Height: adjust the height of the seat and the backrest.
  • Seat depth: adjust the depth of the seat forwards or backward to match the nuances of your body type.
  • Back adjustments: adjust the angle of the backrest or the seat. You can also adjust the height and depth of the lower back support.
  • Arm support: armrests offer 3-directional or 4-directional adjustability. That gives you many options to support your arms while computing.
  • Head and neck support: some chairs offer such good back support that you don’t even need neck support. The ones that do offer neck supports let you adjust the height and angle.

The adjustable features of ergonomic office chairs yield many benefits. When you sit in a good-quality task chair, the first thing you will notice is how comfortable it is. Over the long term, expect improvements in your posture, energy levels, and productivity.

Comfortable ergonomic office chair benefits
Ergonomic office chairs are the best at supporting good posture with superb comfort.

That is because ergonomic chairs are the very best chairs for your back. Sitting in one will reduce pressure on your hips while promoting dynamic sitting. That nurtures strong core muscles that help you develop healthy posture habits.

Ergonomic task chair vs PC gaming chairs

Our task chairs vs gaming chairs comparison found a few differences. First, high-end task chairs cost around three times more than the best gaming chairs. For a higher price, you get longer warranty coverage for up to twelve years. You also get more adjustable features.

PC gaming chairs vs task chairs
Read our Secretlab Titan vs. Herman Miller Embody comparison.

Task chairs also have more adjustable features than gaming chairs. For example, the Herman Miller Embody has a mesh cover that adapts to micro-movements. Premium task chairs also have more complex tilt mechanisms. Those better sync with your body’s movements while you sit. The result is 100% support, even as you change positions.

Finally, the high-end task chairs are more comfortable. They give you a feeling of weightlessness that makes you forget that you are sitting.

Gaming chairs vs task chairs
Gaming chairs are like thrones for kings. Ergonomic task chairs are like mecha suits from the future.

The best gaming chairs also give a weightless effect. But with gaming chairs, it’s easier to sit with sloppy posture. In contrast, task chair multi-sync adjustments don’t give you a choice. No matter how you sit, the chair will cradle your body.

Ergonomic office chair posture support
Ergonomic task chairs support a healthy posture no matter what position you sit in.

There you have it. Gaming chairs are comfortable computing chairs that are good for your back. The best ergonomic chairs are a level higher, almost like wearing a mecha suit.

Gaming chairs vs ergonomic task chairs

Best mainstream ergonomic office chairs

These three ergonomic chairs are by far the most established and popular in the world. They are also the most expensive. Browse these models to get an idea of what the very best ergonomic chairs have to offer.

Herman Miller Embody

Current price: $1,495.00
Rated #1

The Herman Miller Embody offers the most precise back support in the world. It also sets the standard with the most precise seat support.

Herman Miller Embody ergonomic office chair
The Embody is one of the most expensive chairs, with the most precise back support.

The point of these supports is to hold your body in a healthy sitting posture while you work. Micro-supports tweak every nuance of your body to ensure pristine sitting posture. Paired with ultra-breathable upholstery, this is as close as you can get to floating on a cloud.


The Embody goes all-out on back and neck support. Key features are a Pixelated backrest with BackFit angle adjuster.

Herman Miller Embody backrest
The Herman Miller Embody has a Pixelated backrest built like the human spine.

  • Pixelated back support: the backrest has a central spine with flexible ribs. These parts adjust when you lean back to support the natural curve of your spine.
  • BackFit angle adjustment: this lets you position the back of the chair to fit the curvature of your back. It also lets you keep your head in a balanced position that aligns with your computer display.
  • Seat adjustments: adjust the seat’s height, depth, and tilt tension. For spine relief, you can also adjust the seat’s angle with a 3-position tilt-lock.

Compared to pro-quality gaming chairs, the Embody’s 2D adjustable armrests are mediocre. You only adjust the height and width. But Embody fans will argue that the extra-precise back support is enough on its own. Thus, 2D armrests are all that you need.


Herman Miller designed to Embody to fit 95% of adults. It’s adjustments provide a good seat height range, arm width range, and seat depth. These features make the Embody a good fit for a wide range of people.

  • Seat: 21.25″ (W) x 15″-18″ (D)
  • Backrest: 23.5″ (H) x 14″ (W)
  • Total height: 42″ to 45″

The Embody supports up to 300 pounds and should suit most users between 5’4″ and 6’2″ tall.

Buying advice

Embody seat depth adjustment
Adjusting the seat depth lets you give some back muscles a break while putting fresh ones to work.

This is a high-end power chair for CEOs. If you’re not a CEO but a hard-core computer user, the Herman Miller Embody is the best ergonomic chair you can buy. Even if you don’t choose an Embody, it’s a good standard to refer to when assessing other chairs.

Herman Miller Embody on Amazon $1,495.00

Herman Miller Aeron

Current price: out of stock on Amazon
Rated #2

Herman Miller Aeron task chair
The Aeron is the original ergonomic chair and still one of the most popular.

PC computing became a key part of office culture in the early ’90s. Herman Miller engineers took inspiration. In 1994, they released the Herman Miller Aeron ergonomic office chair. The Aeron was the world’s first mainstream ergonomic task chair. As such, its features became the ergonomic chair blueprint for all other models.


Aeron chairs come with a choice of graphite or mineral steel frame. There is no padding. Instead, the Aeron uses high-tech 8Z Pellicle mesh fabric. 8Z Pellicle mesh is a “suspension material”. It makes you feel like you’re floating. That is possible because the mesh varies between eight zones of tension.

8Z Pellicle mesh
8Z Pellicle mesh has eight different tension zones along the seat and backrest.

The tightest zones sit along the edges. Those keep your body off of the frame. The zones in the middle are more flexible. Those better conform to the nuances of your body.

The result is that when the user sits in an Aeron, the 8Z mesh distributes body weight across the seat and backrest. That relieves the muscles while providing a more comfortable seat.

Aeron chair ergonomic features
Adjustable lumbar and tilt recline are two of the key ergonomic features.

Features summary:

  • Seat: adjust the height; limit the tilt range; adjust the tilt tension.
  • Backrest: forward tilt option; height and depth adjustable PostureFit lumbar support.
  • Armrests: 3D adjustable.


The Herman Miller Aeron comes in three different sizes:

  1. A size: 4’10” – 5’9″ 90 – 150 lbs.
  2. B size: 5’2″ – 6’6″ 130 – 325 lbs.
  3. C size: 5’3″-6’7″ 180 – 350 lbs.

Here are the dimensions of the largest C size option:

  • Seat: 18.25″ (W) x 18.5 (D)
  • Backrest: 22.75″ (W) x 23″ (H)
  • Total height: 36.5″ to 43″

Buying advice

There are several differences between the Aeron and Embody chairs. First, the Aeron’s 8Z Pellicle Mesh stays cooler than the Embody’s fabric. Secpond, while the Embody has a complex spine, the Aeron’s backrest is static. The frame holds in place, with only the mesh adapting to your back’s movements. Finally, only the Embody has a depth-adjustable seat.

Herman Miller Aeron prices
Aeron prices differ depending on which fame you choose (prices are approximate).

Both models come with Herman Miller’s industry-leading 12-year warranty. The Aeron is a little bit cheaper, but both it and the Embody have their appeals.

Herman Miller Aeron on Amazon (out of stock)

Steelcase Gesture (graphite)

Current price: $1,031.00
Rated #3

Steelcase Gesture Graphite edition
This model uses graphite-colored mesh fabric.

The Steelcase Gesture is the third most popular ultra-expensive model. There are a few different price options — this review looks at their cheapest Graphite model.


The Gesture uses a design strategy influenced by the natural motions of the human body. Like the body, it uses synchronized interfaces to provide support no matter how you sit.

Steelcase Gesture 3D Liveback system
The 3D Liveback System syncs with your body as you lean back in the chair.

Its standout feature is a 3D LiveBack system. That enables the back and seat to move as a synchronized system. When the user leans back, both parts move to ensure continuous, persistent support.

  • Seat: height and depth adjustments.
  • Functionality: 3-position seat tilt lock; 4D armrests with a huge adjustment range.
  • Back support: the 3D LiveBack system changes shape to mimic the natural motion of the spine. Both the backrest and seat move in sync to provide support when the user leans back.


The Steelcase Gesture has a versatile one-size-fits-all design that should cater to a wide range of body types.

  • Seat width & depth: 19.25″ (W) x 15.75 to 18.75″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 24″ (H), 16.25″ (W)
  • Size rating: people 5’4″ to 6’2″ tall; up to 400 pounds

Buying advice

Like the Embody, the Steelcase Gesture adapts to the micro-movements of the user. But the Gesture’s dimensions cater to a wider range of users. Also, the Gesture has much better armrest functionality than the Embody.

Steelcase Gesture 4D armrests
The Gesture’s 4D armrests have a massive adjustment range.

That said, head-to-head, we find the Embody a bit more comfortable. Over long periods of use, many who’ve tried both also tend to favor the Embody.

Steelcase Gesture on Amazon $1,031.00

Best alternative ergonomic task chairs

This section looks at the best alternative task chairs on the market. This took a while — there are tons of models offering vague features for ridiculous prices.

The following three models are (in our opinion) the best in their price ranges. The first model is a viable alternative to the big three from Herman Miller and Steelcase. The other two are decent chairs priced in the same range as the world’s best PC gaming chairs.

WorkPro Quantum 9000 ergonomic chair

Current price: $419.95

The WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series is a knockoff of the Herman Miller Aeron. Made by Office Depot, this model cuts some corners but offers similar features and styling. For less than half the price of the Aeron, it’s an intriguing option. Both the Workpro 9000 and the Aeron are mid-back chairs. That means the backrest provides support up to the user’s shoulder blades.

WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mid-Back
The WorkPro Quantum 9000 is an Aeron clone made by Office Depot.

They look and work alike, with a few differences. The Aeron uses intelligent mesh upholstery that adjusts to micro-movements. The Workpro also uses mesh, but without the dynamic adaptability. The other big difference is that the Aeron has a height-adjustable lumbar system. The Workpro 9000 uses a fixed lumbar, but the entire backrest is adjustable. That means both chairs let you adjust the lumbar using different methods.


The WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series comes with padded 3D armrests and a “Waterfall Seat”. It slopes down, reducing stress on the legs while you sit. Other key features:

WorkPro Quantum 9000 features
Key features include a 30° backrest tilt, height adjustable backrest, and 3D armrests.

  • Height adjustable backrest: this features lets the chair cater to a wider range of sizes. It also lets you customize the lumbar support to suit your body type.
  • Synchro-tilt: the backrest and seat move in sync when you recline. This encourages dynamic sitting while helping keep balance between your torso and legs.
  • Adjustable seat depth: this beats the Aeron’s fixed seat. Push a switch on the side of the chair to slide between 19″ to 20″ deep. Once you find your sweet spot, lock into place. The added seat depth is most useful for people over 6′ tall.
  • Backrest tilt: you can tilt the backrest back by 30° with a lockable tilt to stop rocking.


This model suits users between 5’2″ and 6’2″ weighing up to 250 pounds. Its dimensions are best for average-sized adults with slim hips.

  • Seat width & depth: 20.5″ (W) x 19.25″ (D)
  • Backrest height: 37″ to 40″ (W)
  • Size rating: people 5’2″ to 6’2″ tall; up to 250 pounds

Buying advice

If you love the Herman Miller Aeron but not the price, the WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series is a good option. It offers huge savings over the Aeron, with similar features and performance.

Before getting too excited, note that its price puts it in the same range as the world’s best PC gaming chairs. $400+ is a lot of money. Would you rather spend it on the clone of another chair? Check out the following PC gaming chairs before making up your mind.

Workpro Quantum on Amazon $419.95

Eurotech Ergohuman mesh chair

Current price: $699.00

The Ergohuman is more expensive than a lot of other chairs on the market. It has spawned many knockoffs, but few can match up to its comfort or features.

Eurotech Ergohuman ergonomic chair
Eurotech Ergohuman chairs offer high-end features for less than the top brands.

In fact, it’s a knockoff itself. It has similar features as high-end chairs from Herman Miller and Steelcase. But Ergohuman chairs are several hundred dollars cheaper.


Eurotech Ergohuman chairs have the same features the high-end chairs. You get adjustable lumbar support, height-adjustable neck support and more.

Ergohuman chair features
These chairs match the adjustable features of the best ergonomic chairs.

  • Adjustable headrest: you can adjust the height and tilt of the head support.
  • 3D armrests: adjust in three directions (up and down; diagonal; forward and backwards).
  • Seat adjustments: tilt tension control; 3-position tilt lock; height and depth adjustments.
  • Backrest: 3-position recline; height and depth adjustable lumbar support. The lumbar is also self-adjusting, adapting its pressure to the user’s body weight.
  • Synchro tilt: when you lean back, the seat angles upwards to keep your hips in place.
  • Upholstery: choice of mesh fabric or faux leather with foam padding.

The Ergohuman has a rich feature set — except for the backrest recline. You can only recline the backrest in three positions. Most chairs have fluid recline to at least 135°. Since all bodies are different, a 3-point recline is a curious choice for such an advanced chair.


The Ergohuman has a compact seat with flat edges. This configuration gives lots of room for the legs.

Eurotech Ergohuman seat
The Ergohuman has a flat seat with sloping waterfall design.

  • Seat width & depth: 20.5″ (W) x 18.5″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 28″ (H), 20.5″ (W)
  • Size rating: people 5’4″ to 6’2″ tall; up to 250 pounds

Buying advice

Compared to the Herman Miller Aeron, the Ergohuman lacks adaptive intelligent mesh. But it exceeds the Aeron with a height-adjustable neck support device. The neck support is our favorite feature. You can adjust the height and angle that fits perfectly into your neck’s natural curve.

On the downside, like most ergonomic office chairs, the styling is subdued. Some might even call it bland, or boring. If looks don’t matter but advanced ergonomic support does, the Ergohuman is an affordable high-end option.

Eurotech Ergohuman on Amazon $699.00

Angel Queen ergonomic office chair

Current price: $299.27

Angle Queen office chair

The Angel Queen ergonomic chair is a good example of what to expect at more affordable prices. This model doesn’t match up to the more epxensive ergonomic chairs. At the same time, its features compare well to the best PC gaming chairs.


The Angel Queen has a steel frame and a mesh fabric padded seat. It also has a pure mesh backrest. As with the more expensive chairs, the mesh adapts to your body, creating a sensation of floating. The Angel Queen’s other features compare with pro-quality PC gaming chairs.

  • Back support: fixed lumbar; adaptive mesh fabric.
  • Armrests: 4D adjustable
  • Recline: 90° to 135°
  • Warranty: 3 month money back guarantee

The red flag in the feature set is the warranty. Even cheap $100 gaming chairs come with at least a 1-year warranty. Angel Queen doesn’t even have a website. These two factors make this a risky pick.


Another reason to be wary of this chair is the hazy sizing information. Angel Queen does not have a website. On Amazon, they don’t include the seat, backrest or chair height dimensions. The only tidbit from Angel Queen is that this model supports up to 200 kilos of weight.

Buying advice

The Angel Queen is a good example of what ergonomic chairs offer at lower price ranges. This model looks like an ergonomic chair. It also uses adaptive mesh like the best Herman Miller chairs. But other features resemble those on PC gaming chairs.

However, PC gaming chairs in the same price range have multi-year warranties. They also have active websites, robust marketing teams, and crisp customer service. At this price point, consider getting a high-end PC gaming chair instead.

Angel Queen on Amazon $299.27

Best office gaming chair alternatives

When Internet computing arose in the early 90s, task chair makers stepped up. Also around that time, the Starcraft craze sparked the rise of the global esports boom.

As gamers played longer, back issues became common. For two reasons, task chair makers failed to align with this market. First, the average gamer can’t afford to spend over $1000 for a chair. Second, super-precise “intelligent” mesh and other gimmicks were too fancy.

In 2006, PC gaming chairs arose to fill the gap. Like ergonomic task chairs, gaming chairs are adjustable. On pro models, you can adjust the recline, seat tilt, lumbar support, back support and armrests.

Unlike conservative task chairs, gaming chairs come in a range of colors and styles. They’re also insanely comfortable and good for your back.

So what’s the difference between a task chair and a gaming chair? For one thing, gaming chairs are a lot cheaper. For another, gaming chairs offer effective but less advanced back support.

Below are three popular gaming chairs used by top pro esports players. These models stand up very well against ergonomic task chairs in the same price range.

Best pro chair: Secretlab Titan

Price: $399

The Titan is Secretlab’s flagship product. It’s a large chair with generous dimensions, high-tech padding, and rich adjustable features. It comes in 21 different styles in a choice of PU leather, genuine leather of SoftWeave Fabric covers.

Secretlab Titan esports chairs
The Secretlab Titan is our top-rated large-sized gaming chair.

Eight of the world’s top teams use Secretlab chairs for training. Some prefer the roomier Titan, while others prefer the compact Omega. Both chairs have the same base build. Each starts with a carbon steel frame and a special blend of cold-cured foam padding. Over top goes a choice of PU leather or SoftWeave mesh fabric.

Detailed Secretlab Titan Review


The Titan is bursting with high-end features among the best of any gaming chair out there. The standout feature is an internal lumbar support system. Although not as precise as pricey task chair lumbars, it’s a lot more precise than a support pillow.

Secretlab Titan 2020 Series lumbar support
The Titan’s lumbar support rivals those on $1000 task chairs.

  • Functionality: integrated lumbar support; 4D armrests; recline to 165°, multi-angle tilt-lock.
  • Upholstery: choice of premium PU leather, genuine NAPA leather or Softweave Fabric.
  • Padding: patent-pending cold cure foam.
  • Support: carbon steel frame; Class 4 KGS gas lift; aluminium base; XL PU caster wheels.


The Titan offers versatile dimensions that should suit most average to tall users.

Secretlab gaming chair product line

Here are the key Titan dimensions compared to the other Secretlab chairs:

 Secretlab Titan Secretlab OmegaSecretlab Throne
Outer seat width & depth20.5" (W) x 19.7" (D)22" (W) x 19.3" (D)20" (W) x 18" (D)
Backrest height & width33" (H) x 21.7" (W)31.5" (H) x 21" (W)32.3" (H) x 23" (W)
Floor to Seat Range18.7" to 22.4"18.9" to 21.9"16.1" to 19.9"
Overall height51.7" to 55.4"50.4" to 53.4"48.4" to 52.2"
Weight supportUp to 290 poundsUp to 240 poundsUp to 220 pounds
Height support5'9" to 6'7"5'3" to 5'11"4'9" to 5'3"

To compare all Secretlab gaming chairs, check our Secretlab Brand Review.

Buying advice

The Titan is our top-rated pro sports chair. It’s not the most expensive. But it’s one of the few with a task-chair style internal lumbar. Among PC gaming chairs, it has the best warranty, padding, and cover materials in the industry. While they have many stylish PU leather blends, we prefer the Softweave fabric editions. Softweave fabric feels softer on the skin, stays cool and is a lot more durable than PU leathers.

Buy direct from Secretlab for $399

Best compact pro chair: Secretlab Omega

Price: $359

On the pro esports circuit, several teams use Secretlab Omega chairs for full-time training. Team Newbee captain Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi is one of many esports pros who endorse these chairs. He said Omega chairs let his team train longer “and make it easier to sit in front of a computer all day.”

Team Newbee Secretlab Omega special edition gaming chairs
Team Newbee team members posing with their Omega special edition chairs.


The Omega shares the same features as the Titan, with two key differences. First, it uses a traditional gaming chair lumbar pillow. Second, it has a narrower seat better suited to slim-sized users.

Omega vs Titan differences
The Omega uses a traditional lumbar pillow and has a narrower fitting seat than the Titan.

Other features are the same as the Titan:

  • Functionality: integrated lumbar support; 4D armrests; recline to 165°, multi-angle tilt-lock.
  • Upholstery: choice of premium PU leather, genuine NAPA leather or Softweave Fabric.
  • Padding: patent-pending cold cure foam.
  • Support: carbon steel frame; Class 4 KGS gas lift; aluminium base; XL PU caster wheels.

Detailed Secretlab Omega Review


The Omega is our top-ranked gaming chair for small sizes. It has a narrow seat that provides a snug fit, even for slim sizes. The tight dimensions and dense padding support will make you feel like you’re strapped in the captain’s chair of a spaceship.

Secretlab Omega size chart

  • Seat width & depth: 22″ (W) x 20″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 32″ (H), 21″ (W)
  • Total height: 50″ to 53.5″

Buying advice

Secretlab Omega 2020 Series gaming chairs
The Omega comes in several striking leather and mesh fabric styles.

The Secretlab Omega is our top-rated gaming chair for small sizes. It’s also our top-rated compact esports chair. It’s nearly as popular as the Titan. Users who prioritize comfort should choose the Titan’s wide, roomy seat. Those who prioritize back support should consider an Omega. While it lacks the precise internal lumbar, it’s extra-large lumbar pillow works well.

Ergonomic office chairs at this price range (like the Angel Queen) are mediocre. In contrast, a Secretlab Omega is an elegant option ideal for average-sized computer users.

Buy direct from Secretlab for $359

Best mid-range: DXRacer Formula Series

Price: $299.00

DXRacer released the world’s first gaming chair in 2006. Their blueprint still stands strong today as a simple ergonomic chair with excellent back support.

DXRacer original blueprint
The original DXRacer blueprint is still the foundation for modern gaming chair designs.

The DXRacer Formula Series is the modern version of DXRacer’s original gaming chair. It provides firm padding, adjustable neck, and lumbar pillows plus 3D armrests. Although less precise than a Herman Miller Embody chair, DXRacers do the job. They help you develop good posture while letting you sit longer and work harder.


DXRacer Formula Series FH11
The Formula Series FH11 offers luxury padding, decent features and a great price.

There’s a lot of love about the DXRacer F-Series. Like the Omega, the Formula Series also provides a snug, compact fit. But the Formula Series cuts some corners to keep the price low. First, you get 3D armrests instead of 4D. Second, DXRacer chairs only come with a 2-year warranty. Third, Formula Series chairs don’t have a seat angle tilt-lock as the Omega does.

  • Functionality: 3D armrests; recline to 135°.
  • Cover options: black mesh fabric with PU leather trim in a range of colors.
  • Padding: high-density mold-shaping foam.
  • Support: neck & lumbar pillows; steel frame; Class 4 gas lift; PU caster wheels.

Like all DXRacer chairs, the FH11 comes with a 2-year warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on the frame.

Detailed DXRacer Formula Series Review


Like the Omega, the Formula Series is a compact chair with slim dimensions. DXRacer rates it for users up to 5’8″ tall weighing up to 200 pounds.

DXRacer Formula Series size chart

  • Seat width & depth: 19.5″ (W) x 20″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 31.75″ (H), 21.5″ (W)
  • Total height: 46.5″ to 52.5″

Buying advice

The DXRacer Formula Series isn’t the best chair for your back. Rather, it’s a good chair for your back. We included it on this list as a counter to the Angel Queen Ergonomic Office Chair. Both the F-Series and the Angel Queen cost around $300. The Formula Series offers comparable features and a longer warranty.

DXRacer Formula Series FH11 seat closeup
This is a very comfortable seat that can handle years of full-time use.

Our favorite thing about the Formula Series is how rugged it is. The FH11 model uses breathable mesh fabric with PU leather trim. Both the mesh and the padding underneath and ultra-durable. Based on our durability tests, you can expect this chair to last well beyond the 2-year warranty period.

If you spend $1000 on a Herman Miller chair, you will need to baby it. In contrast, the Formula Series feels like a battle-tested tank. No matter how much you use it or abuse it, the padding will always hold its original shape. if you want good posture support without fussing about your chair, consider buying a Formula Series.

F-Series FH11 on Amazon $299.00


On Google Trends, the search term “work from home” is now more popular than it has ever been. Working from home has become essential for many.

Google trends work from home
“Work from home” is trending on Google as an important topic of interest.

In a home office setup, having a good ergonomic chair makes a huge difference. A good ergonomic chair will support good posture and improve your well-being. As a result, you will be able to sit longer, work harder and be more productive.

Home office setup with a gaming chair
Read our home office setup guide to ensure an optimal working space at home.

If new to working from home, check out our home office setup guide for support.

Guide: setting up an ergonomic home office

Best ergonomic office chairs for your back

The best chairs for your back are the high-end chairs from Herman Miller and Steelcase. Those models offer the most advanced upholstery and features that support good posture while you sit. The beauty of those chairs is that no matter how you sit, they will adjust your body into a healthy posture.

Best ergonomic office chairs for the back
These chairs provide the best comfort and ergonomic support in the world.

The problem is the price. As our reviews show, the cheaper ergonomic task chairs become, the less impressive the features. At the lowest price points, ergonomic task chairs pale when compared to the best PC gaming chairs.


  1. Big three: these are the Embody, Aeron, and Steelcase Gesture. Choose any of these for the most advanced features and posture support.
  2. Workpro Quantum 9000: a solid Aeron clone with a bargain price.
  3. Eurotech Ergohuman: another high-end clone with outstanding ergonomic features.
  4. Angel Queen Ergonomic chair: a decent chair with mediocre value. At this price level, consider a PC gaming chair instead.
  5. Secretlab Titan: the best pro esports chair with wide dimensions.
  6. Secretlab Omega: our top-rated compact-sized pro esports chair.
  7. DXRacer Formula Series: a solid workhorse. The F-Series delivers good posture in a rugged but comfortable package.

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