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Best camo gaming chairs to power up your battle station

Camouflage gear lets you blend into shrubbery unseen. It’s also a fashion statement. It tells the world that you shoot, hunt, and disappear into shadows. At a gaming setup, a good camouflage chair will warn enemies that you mean business. There are many cheap, flimsy camo gaming chairs out there. This article skips those to review only the best. Check out the top high-end and affordable camo chairs of 2021.

Best gaming chairs with camouflage design

Set against Apocalypse Now backdrops, camouflage gaming chairs clearly work as intended. If you need one to game in the steamy jungles of Cambodia, no one will ever spot you (unless you have RGB).

But Camo is a nice aesthetic that’s easy to mass-produce. As a result, if you search for a ‘camo gaming chair‘ on Amazon, you will find dozens of cheap models from startup brands. In many cases, these are generic chairs with random brand names and unknown quality.

Best camouflage gaming chairs

Luckily, there are also some excellent camo gaming chairs available. These all come from established brands offering good value for money.

Quick picks: top-5 camo gaming chairs

The ‘best’ camo design we’ve seen so far is the Secretlab x AAPE collection. However, that’s a limited edition release.

For this review, we look at the best camo gaming chairs that are regularly available. Here is a quick look at our five top-rated camouflage gaming chairs:

1. AKRacing Master Series Premium

AKRacing Master Series Premium camo chairThis model has pro features, a 5-year warranty, and front-to-back multicam camouflage design. ($449.99 from Amazon)

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2. Vertagear PL6000

Vertagear PL6000 camo chairThe PL6000 has spacious dimensions, pro features, and a 2-year warranty. Its design has a black base with Woodland camo accents. ($405.99 on Amazon)

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3. Nitro Concepts fabric chair

Nitro concepts camo chairThis is a breathable fabric gaming chair with 3D armrests and an urban camo design. ($299.99 on Amazon)

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4. Dreamact Military Chair

Dreamact camouflage gaming chairThis is one of the most full-featured cheap chairs from an up-and-coming brand. It has 3D armrests, a flat seat pan, and a delicious Chocolate Chip camo design. ($74.00 on Amazon)

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5. Elecwish camo chair

Elecwish camouflage footrest gaming chairThis gaming chair has a sturdy build, retractable footrest, and lumbar massage unit. It uses a Navy working uniform camo designed for desert battlefields. (Price not available on Amazon.)

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Reviews: best camo gaming chairs

This section covers the specs and dimensions of each camo gaming chair.

AKRacing Master Premium: Multicam camo

Amazon price: $449.99
Rated #1

The Master Series Premium is the clear #1 best camouflage, military-style gaming chair. It uses a Multicam-style camouflage design. That was first developed for American troops moving between alpine and desert conditions in Afghanistan.

AKRacing multicam camouflage chair design

The Multicam design covers the front and back of the chair. Beyond design, this model ranks #1 among all camo chairs with high-end ergonomic features and a 5-year warranty.


The Master Series Premium has padding that’s 30% thicker than AKRacing Core Ex fabric chairs. It also comes with the famous AKRacing 5/10 warranty.

AKRacing Master Series Premium camo style gaming chair

That means 5-year protection on the upholstery, padding, and components. It also includes a 10-year guarantee on the ultra-sturdy steel frame.

Nothing is lacking here. Expect an exceptionally comfortable and very customizable sitting experience.

  • Functionality: 4D adjustable armrests; 12° tilt lock; recline to 180°
  • Padding: 30% more padding than the EX Series
  • Upholstery: PU leather multicam camouflage design
  • Sizing: height 5’7″ to 6’2″; max weight 330 lbs


This model will fit users of medium to tall height, with enough space for moderately wide users.

  • Seat width & depth: 23.2″ (W) x 18″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 22.25″ (W), 34.25″ (H)
  • Total height: 51″ to 54″
  • Size rating: 5’5″ to 6’5″; weight capacity 330 pounds


AKRacing Master Series Premium camouflage gaming chair

Given its 5-year warranty, pro esports ergonomics, and front-to-back camo design, the AKRacing Master Series Premium is the clear best camouflage gaming chair on the market.

AKRacing Master Series Premium on Amazon $449.99

Vertagear PL6000: U.S. Woodland camo

Amazon price: $405.99
Rated #2

The Vertagear PL6000 is the flagship of the Vertagear gaming chair collection. It offers similar features and luxury extras as the AKRacing model, but a shorter warranty. That ranks it #2 among camo chairs. The PL6000 is also the 3rd-rated high-end model in our review of the best pro esports chairs.

Vertagear PL6000 camouflage gaming chair

The PL6000 camo chair comes with a black base and camo trim using a Woodland Camo print. That was the default camo pattern of the U.S. Army until 2006. It’s a 4-color design with high-contrast disruptive camouflage. Asymmetrical patterns in sand, brown, green, and black provide concealment in wooded, jungle, and tropical areas.


The PL6000 comes fully-loaded. Highlights include 4D armrests, a multifunction tilt-lock, and cold foam padding. Head-to-head with the AKRacing Master Series Premium, both offer the same features, similar dimensions, and a comparable level of comfort. The main technical difference is the warranty. Vertagear offers 2-year protection on its chairs, while AKRacing offers five years.

  • Functionality: padded 4D adjustable armrests; recline with tilt lock to 140°
  • Comfort:  industrial strength cold foam padding; lumbar cushion & neck support pillow
  • Upholstery: perforated PVC leather; black base with Woodland camo accents
  • Warranty: 2 years on parts; 10 years on frame (details)


Like most high-end gaming chairs, the PL6000 offers a flat, wide seat with plenty of room for average to husky adult sizes.

  • Seat width x depth: 21.7″ (W) x 19″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 20.5″ (W) x 31.9″ (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 20-24.1″
  • Chair height: 50.6-54.6″
  • Size rating: 5’9″ to 6’8″ and up to 350 pounds


Vertagear Pl6000 camouflage gaming chair

The only quibble with the PL6000 chair’s features is the 2-year warranty. Given the high price of this chair, a longer warranty makes sense. Even so, Vertagear chairs are very well built. Even with full-time use, expect this model to last well beyond its warranty period.

Vertagear PL6000 on Amazon $405.99

Nitro Concepts: cloth urban camo

Amazon price: $299.99
Rated #3

The Nitro Concepts Urban Camo chair is the only fabric model in this review. In general, fabric gaming chairs yield several advantages over faux leather chairs. First, fabric is more breathable. Second, it’s a lot more durable. Third, it’s also more comfortable, with a soft, pleasant feel against the skin.

Nitro concepts urban camouflage gaming chair

Besides its cool fabric upholstery, this model also stands out with solid features and a nice design. It’s a digitalized urban tri-color design consisting of black, brown, and a greyish-tan.


This chair has great features from an impressive-looking brand. However, nowhere on the Nitro Concepts website nor its Amazon listings does it state any warranty information. Before buying this chair, we suggest clarifying the warranty with a sales rep first.

  • Functionality: 3D adjustable armrests; recline to 135°
  • Comfort:  resiliant foam padding; lumbar cushion & neck support pillow
  • Upholstery: breathable nylon fabric with an urban camo design.
  • Warranty:  not stated


This is a decently-sized chair that should fit most slim and moderately husky teens to adults.

  • Seat width x depth: 22.4″ (W) x 22.4″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 20.8″ (W) x 34.4″ (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 18-24″
  • Chair height: 40.4-55.1″
  • Size rating: 5’6″ to 6’0″ and up to 300 pounds


Fabric gaming chairs are awesome. Against bare skin, the fabric always feels soft and cool. Even after years of full-time use, expect your fabric gaming chair to look brand new.

Nitro concepts fabric gaming chair conclusion

The fabric camo upholstery makes this model stand out. Its solid adjustable features are also a nice touch. Assuming this chair has (at least) a 2-year warranty, it offers good value for money.

Nitro Concepts camo chair on Amazon $299.99

Dreamact Military chair: Chocolate Chip camo

Amazon price: $74.00
Rated #4

Among the dozens of unknown brands selling camo chairs, the Dreamact Military chair stands out. Beyond a great low price, it has solid ergonomic features plus a flat, wide seat. That provides enough room to spread your legs or even sit cross-legged.

Dreamact camo gaming chair

This model uses a variation of a “chocolate chip” design. That is the colloquial name for a six-color desert camouflage pattern developed in 1971. The design’s main influence was the rocky deserts of California. American soldiers coined the term because it resembles chocolate chip cookie dough.


The main uncertainly is the warranty — there isn’t one. The warranty statement on its Amazon listing: “We take all responsibility for the damaged/broken in delivery.” That aside, the features are impressive, given the low price of the chair:

  • Functionality: 3D adjustable armrests; recline to 160°
  • Comfort:  resiliant foam padding; lumbar cushion & neck support pillow
  • Upholstery: faux leather black base with cholocate chip cookie camo accents.
  • Warranty:  only a ‘satisfaction guarantee’


The Dreamact Military chair has standard dimensions best-suited to users of average height and width. However, its flat seat style provides more room. Thus, this model will also work well for moderately wide sizes.

  • Seat width x depth: 21.6″ (W) x 21.6″ (D)
  • Backrest width x height: 21.6″ (W) x 35.8″ (H)
  • Floor to seat range: 16-20″
  • Chair height: 47.8-51.8″
  • Size rating: 5’6″ to 6’0″ and up to 300 pounds


Many cheap gaming chairs (especially from unestablished brands) come with basic warranty protection. The Dreamact Military chair is no exception. If your chair arrives damaged, you might get help. If it breaks down fast, you’re out of luck.

Dreamact chocolate chip camouflage

Even so, among all cheap, unestablished camo chairs on Amazon, this looks like one of the best. The flat wide seat and 3D armrests are luxury addons usually reserved for pricier chairs. This is also one of the only camo chairs on the market using a Chocolate Chip camo design.

Dreamact Military chair on Amazon $74.00

Elecwish footrest chair: Navy AOR1 camo

Amazon price: Price not available
Rated #5

Here’s another reliable cheap chair brand with a camo chair best-suited to the living room. Elecwish has been making cheap gaming chairs with footrests for several years.

Elecwish camouflage gaming chair with footrest

All come with fixed padded armrests, thick padding, and a retractable footrest. These models do work as upright desk chairs, but work far better as La-Z-Boy-style living room recliners.

Elecwish camo chair in desert conditions

The Elecwish Camo edition uses what looks like the Navy AOR1 (NWU Type II) camo pattern. This design is mainly brown and tan, designed for use in sandy, arid, and desert battlefields.


This is a great chair for living room gamers. It has a deep recline, rocking function, and retractable footrest. If you need a boost during a long gaming session, turn on the massage unit embedded inside the lumbar pillow. When the battery runs out, connect your pillow to your PC via USD cable to recharge.

  • Functionality: footrest; backrest recline to 170°; fixed armrests.
  • Upholstery: memory foam padding; PU leather seat and backrest; neck and lumbar support pillows.
  • Extra: USB-powered massage unit stuffed inside the lumbar pillow.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty.


Despite the impressive weight capacity of 330, this is a slim-fitting gaming chair. If you have wide hips or thick legs, look into a big and tall footrest chair instead.

  • Seat width & depth: 21.7″ (W) x 21.7″ (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 32.3″ (H), 21.7″ (W)
  • Floor to seat range: 18″ to 21.3″
  • Total height: 50.3″ to 53.6″
  • Size rating: 5’5″ to 5’11”; 330 pounds


If you’re in need of a desk chair, this model might disappoint. While the posture support qualities work well at a desk, the fixed armrests do not. For full-time desk-work, choose a model with adjustable armrests.

Elecwish camouflage gaming chairs

In contrast, this chair’s features really shine in a living room setting. Kick up your feet, lean into a deep recline, and enjoy hours of lounging with your spine in perfect alignment.

Elecwish Camo chair on Amazon Price not available


Our picks as the best camo gaming chairs include two high-end models and three cheap ones. If you’re a hard-core power user needing full-time sitting support, consider paying more for one of the pricier models.

Best camouflage gaming chairs
AKRacing and Vertagear make the best high-end camo gaming chairs on the market.

But if you only need support for casual gaming, homework, or working, a cheap camo gaming chair will work just fine.

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