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Review of Maxnomic gaming chairs for Europeans

NeedForSeat produces Maxnomic gaming chairs. That is the most prominent esports chair brand in Europe. Our earlier Maxnomic review focused on chairs available in America. In Europe, there is a wider selection and greater availability. This article reviews the Maxnomic line of gaming chairs available for European users.

Maxnomic gaming chairs on sale in the EU
Some of the best Maxnomic chairs available for European consumers.

In Europe, Maxnomic operates shops in English and German. Most countries in Europe can order chairs, with variable delivery rates depending on the country.

Maxnomic chair overview

Maxnomic gaming chairs come in four different sizes, ranging from extra-small to extra-large. Here is a summary:

Maxnomic gaming chair types
The Pro and Office Comfort (OFC) models are the best for esports.

All chairs come with the same pro ergonomic features. Maxnomic Office Comfort (OFC) chairs have one difference. Those come with a depth-adjustable internal lumbar system instead of a pillow. That is similar to the internal lumbar deployed on the Secretlab Titan.

Chair features

At a glance, Maxnomic chairs have typical pro-level ergonomic features. All models come with 4D adjustable armrests, a multifunction tilt mechanism, and high-end cold-cured foam padding.

Maxnomic Dominator gaming chair
Maxnomic Dominator Pro Series.

Beyond those features are some clever extras. For instance, augmenting the 4D armrests is soft top padding plus indents to support each finger.

Maxnomic finger indent armrests
Soft padded armrests contain indents to cradle each finger.

Variable recline

Another nice extra is the backrest recline. All models can recline from 83° (forward tilt) to 139°. From a 90° angle, that lets you tilt the backrest forward by 7°. This feature is especially useful when doing intense computing. For instance, during high-pressure moments, gamers often lean forward. The 7° comes in handy during those moments to ensure that forward-leaning users can still enjoy robust back support.


Enhancing the backrest features is a 5-click multifunction tilt-lock system. That lets you angle and lock the seat at different angles with an 11° range.

Maxnomic Pro recline and tilt lock
You can tilt the backrest backwards and forwards; the seat tilts with 11° of range.

The backrest recline plus tilt-lock gives more options to stay comfortable while sitting. When your back starts to tire, mix things up. For example, you can adjust the backrest recline, angle the seat, or do both at once. Doing so will switch up the back and core muscles in use. That shares the load among muscle groups while also giving each group adequate time to rest.

Maxnomic chair padding
All chairs come with thick slabs of cold-cured foam padding on the seat and backrest.

Cold foam padding

Another noteworthy feature of Maxnomic chairs is the padding. Cold cure foam padding is the premier padding choice in the furniture industry. For full-time power users, cold foam padding holds up well under heavy use. When you sit, the foam gives slightly to conform to your body. When you stand, it pops back to its original shape. Even after two years of everyday use, the padding will work like new.

Summary of Maxnomic chair features

All Maxnomic chairs have the same features, except for OFC models. The three other models use traditional pillows. OFC chairs come with an internal lumbar device.

Pro chairs come with pillows; OFC chairs have internal lumbar systems.

Summary of features:

  • Functionality: recline from 83° to 139°; 4D adjustable armrests
  • Comfort: high density cold foam padding; neck and lumbar pillows (OFC models use an internal lumbar).
  • Upholstery: high quality PU leather (stain-proof, easy to clean, durable).
  • Support: aluminum base with scratch resistant matte gloss finish; gas lift; smooth rolling casters.
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty on parts; 30 days return policy.

Shipping costs extra, depending on your location in Europe.

Maxnomic chair sizing

Maxnomic offers four different chair sizes. Smaller users with slim figures should choose either a Casual Sport (CS) chair or a Maxnomic Pro chair. Maxnomic Pro is the most popular size. It’s the one that Ninja and many other top streamers use.

 Casual Sport (S)Pro-gaming & Office (M)
Outer seat width & depth44 cm (W) x 45 cm (D)55 cm (W) x 49 cm (D)
Backrest height & width84 cm (H) x 56.8 cm (W)82 cm” (H) x 55″ (W)
Floor to seat range47-57 cm47 cm to 57 cm
Chair height127-135 cm125- 135 cm
Size rating152-175 cm; up to 79.8 kilos177.8-185.5 cm; 80-100 kilos

Larger users have two options. The Maxnomic OFC is a versatile chair. Smaller users can enjoy a spacious fit, while larger, wider users will find a snug, body-hugging fit. Extra-large users with wide hips and thick legs should consider a Maxnomic XL-Series chair.

 Office Comfort (L)XL-Series
Outer seat width & depth51 cm (W) x 53 cm (D)58 cm (W) x 58 cm (D)
Backrest height & width85 cm (H) x 56 cm (W)89 cm (H) x 60 cm (W)
Floor to seat range50 cm to 59 cm55 cm to 57.5 cm
Chair height130 to 140 cm 138 cm to 148 cm
Size rating188 cm to 195.5 cm; 100-129 kilos152 cm to 213 cm; 129-170 kilos

Need help with sizing? Read our detailed tutorial:

Gaming chair sizing guide

Maxnomic warranty

All Maxnomic chairs come with a two-year warranty. That covers missing parts, defective parts, or damage caused during shipping.

Maxnomic Pro warranty

Two-year coverage is decent. It’s the same as other brands like DXRacer and Noblechairs. However, it falls behind the 5-year warranties offered by Secretlab and AKRacing.

Despite the shorter warranty period, Maxnomic chairs are built to last. Expect both the steel frame and cold foam padding to hold up well past the warranty period. The first thing to degrade will likely be the PU leather. Check out our gaming chair durability guide to learn more:

Pro gaming chair durability case study

Review: Maxnomic chairs for Europeans

This section summarizes the chairs among four product lines available for Europeans.

Casual Sport (CS)

Casual Sport (CS) is the smallest model, supporting users from 152-175 cm. These tiny dimensions are best suited for kids, teens, and very small adults.

  • Seat width & depth: 44 cm (W) x 45 cm (D)
  • Backrest height & width: 84 cm (H) x 56.8 cm (W)
  • Floor to seat range: 47-57 cm
  • Size rating: 152-175 cm; up to 79.8 kilos

At present, there are three Casual Sport models available for Europeans:

Maxnomic STYGO Casual Sport

STYGO chairs are conservative chairs that come in two style variations. Both come in black with white embroidery and a choice of white or purple trim.

MMaxnomic STYGO gaming chairs
CS STYGO chairs come in black with white or purple trim.

CS chairs come with a few options. First, you can choose between a small or medium-sized gas spring to better customize the chair size (no extra charge). Second, for an extra €50.00, you can have your name embroidered across the front of the backrest.

Buy a Maxnomic CS STYGO for €289.00

Maxnomic Ergoceptor Casual Sport

Maxnomic Ergoceptor chairs
Ergoceptor chairs come with yellow, blue, red, or grey color-accent stitching.

This is a variation on the popular Maxnomic Pro Chief. Chairs come in two subdued color styles with conservative designs.

Buy a Maxnomic CS Ergoceptor for €349.00

Maxnomic Quadceptor Casual Sport

Maxnomic CS Quadceptor chairs
Quadceptor chairs also come with a variety of color-accent stitching options.

This is a variation on the popular Maxnomic Pro Chief. Chairs come in two subdued color styles with conservative designs.

Buy a Maxnomic CS Quadceptor for €349.00

To learn more about CS chair features, check out our Maxnomic Casual Sport chair review.

Pro Gaming & Office

The flagship brand product is the “Maxnomic Pro Gaming and Office”. These are the most popular Maxnomic chairs, with average-sized dimensions that suit a wide range of body types.

  • Seat width x depth: 55 cm (W) x 49 cm (D)
  • Backrest height x width: 82 cm” (H) x 55″ (W)
  • Floor to seat range: 47 cm to 57 cm
  • Size rating: 177.8-185.5 cm; 80-100 kilos

Among Pro chairs, there are more expensive Executive Editions and cheaper standard chairs.

Dominator Pro Executive Editions

The newest chairs in the Pro lineup are Executive Edition (EE) models. These differ from other Maxnomic Pro chairs in two ways. First, Pro EE chairs come with a new microfiber faux leather that is more breathable and durable than the standard Pro blend. Second, Pro EE chairs use a depth-adjustable internal lumbar instead of a lumbar pillow. Turn a knob on the side of the backrest to increase or decrease the depth.

Maxnomic Dominator Executive Edition chair
The Dominator EE stands out with a depth-adjustable lumbar support system. lumbar

At present in the European shop, only the Yellow Edition is available. It’s a strikingly bright chair with black trim and a black backrest. Five other design styles also exist but are (at the time of writing) out of stock.

Maxnomic Dominator EE chair colors
Other Dominator Executive Edition chair color options.

Click the link below to buy the Yellow chair or browse the availability of the others. If you really want a certain color, visit the link and set up an email notification. When the chair is back in stock, Maxnomic will alert you by email.

Buy a Maxnomic Dominator EE chair for €419.00

Beyond Executive Edition chairs, there are some other standouts in the Pro Series line:


In May, Veritas Entertainment opened the world’s first LVL esports center in Berlin. The 26,000 square foot facility has a production studio, virtual reality rooms, and a noise-canceling dome. That lets the venue host pro esports events. The dome keeps the players focused and seals off the noise crowd. At the same time, the crowd can sit very close to the players.

Maxnomic Pro LVL gaming chair

Maxnomic joined Nvidia, ASUS ROG, and Pringles as official venue partners. Maxnomic also furnished the venue with official LVL gaming chairs. These models are available for sale. These are black PU leather chairs with the LVL logo embroidered on the front and back. Smaller LVL logo embroidery adorns the seat and side wings.

Buy the Maxnomic LVL Pro for €369.00

Other Maxnomic Pro designs

Maxnomic Pro comes in thirteen designs plus several extra variations. Prices range from €319.00 to €369.00.

Maxnomic Pro chair designs
Other Pro designs available in the Maxnomic EU shops.

Features are the same as Executive Edition chairs, minus the lumbar support. Standard Pro chairs use a traditional lumbar support cushion. Standard Pro chairs also use a legacy leather blend, instead of the improved EE variant.

Browse all available Maxnomic Pro chairs

Office Comfort (OFC)

Maxnomic Office Comfort (OFC) chairs have three differences compared to Pro chairs. First, all OFC chairs (not just Executive Editions) come with a depth-adjustable internal lumbar.

Maxnomic OFC internal lumbar support
Turn the dial on the side of the backrest to increase or decrease the lumbar support.

Second, Pro chairs have ridged edges that support a more body-hugging fit. In contrast, OFC chairs have flat, wide seats that provide plenty of legroom. OFC chair seat dimensions are wide enough to let users sit cross-legged.

Maxnomic OFC vs Maxnomic Pro
OFC chairs have flat, wide seats that provide lots of legroom.

The third key difference is sizing. OFC chairs are larger and roomier than Pro models.

 Pro (M)Office Comfort (L)
Outer seat width & depth55 cm (W) x 49 cm (D)51 cm (W) x 53 cm (D)
Backrest height & width82 cm" (H) x 55" (W)85 cm (H) x 56 cm (W)
Floor to seat range47 cm to 57 cm50 cm to 59 cm
Chair height125 cm to 135 cm130 to 140 cm
Height rating177.8 cm to 185.5 cm188 cm to 195.5 cm
Optimal load80-100 kilos100-129 kilos

As with Pro models, the standout OFC chairs are new Executive Editions.

Leader Executive Edition

Like the Pro Executive Edition (EE), OFC EE models come with an upgraded microfibre cover. Compared to conventional PU leathers, this blend is both stain and tear-resistant. It’s also more breathable and durable.

Maxnomic Leader OFC chairs
Leader OFC Executive Edition chairs come in a range of striking color styles.

Features are the same as other Maxnomic chairs:

  • Functionality: recline from 83° to 139°; 4D adjustable armrests
  • Comfort: cold foam padding; internal lumbar support; adjustable headrest pillow.
  • Upholstery: upgraded microfibre PU leather (stain-proof, tear-proof, enhanced breathability)
  • Support: aluminum base with scratch resistant matte gloss finish; gas lift; smooth rolling casters.

Leader Executive Edition chairs are available in six different color styles. Choose all-black or black trim with yellow, red, orange, blue, or green.

Leader OFC Executive Edition €449.00

Other OFC designs

Other OFC designs come with the legacy PU leather. Otherwise, they have the same features as Executive Edition chairs. While most Executive Edition chairs are in stock, the other models tend to come in and out of stock. At the time of writing, these models were available:

Other OFC designs
Other OFC chairs available for European consumers.

For Europeans, Maxnomic Office Comfort chairs cost between €369.00 and €449.00.

Browse available OFC chairs


Maxnomic’s line of heavyweight chairs has extra-wide seats that support up to 375 pounds. Here’s how they compare to OFC chairs:

 Office Comfort (L)XL-Series
Outer seat width & depth51 cm (W) x 53 cm (D)58 cm (W) x 58 cm (D)
Backrest height & width85 cm (H) x 56 cm (W)89 cm (H) x 60 cm (W)
Floor to seat range50 cm to 59 cm55 cm to 57.5 cm
Chair height130 to 140 cm138 cm to 148 cm
Height rating188 cm to 195.5 cm152 cm to 213 cm
Optimal load100 -129 kilos129-170 kilos

At present, there are three XL-Series chairs to choose from in what’s called the “Titanus” line. There is one all-black model, plus two variants with orange or blue trim. These are conservative, understated designs suitable for both an office and a gaming room.

Maxnomic XL-Series Titanus chairs
XL-Series Titanus chairs come in three low-key designs.

These models don’t come with an internal lumbar system. Instead, XL-Series chairs include two pillows: one supports the lumbar area, the other supports the neck.

Buy a Titanus XL for €479.00

About the Maxnomic brand

NEEDforSEAT maintains a head office in Germany, plus regional offices in USA, France, and China. The company launched in 2011, and released its first Maxnomic gaming chair in 2014. Soon after, Maxnomic became the official gaming chair partner for Dreamhack 2014.

To browse the chairs available in America, check out our USA-centric Maxnomic review.

Maxnomic’s role in esports

Soon after launching its first chair, Maxnomic became the official gaming chair partner for Dreamhack 2014. Since then, Maxnomic has maintained high-profile partnerships with many elite teams and companies.

Top esports players using Maxnomic chairs.
Many of the world’s top esports teams and players use Maxnomic chairs.

These days, Maxnomic partners include the ESL Gaming Network, Red Bull, TaKeTV, and top esports streamers like Ninja and Tfue.


Maxnomic gaming chairs rank among the best esports gaming chairs in the world. In particular, the Executive Editions stand out. The Dominator Pro (medium) and Leader Executive Edition (large) both come with internal lumbar support systems. Both also feature an upgraded microfiber faux leather that is more breathable and durable.

Another standout option is the MIG Series. It’s made in Germany and comes with a unique flattened backrest that delivers a more natural fit.

Beyond the standouts is a solid range of options to fit all sizes from extra-small to extra large.

The bottom line is that there are few better high-end chair options on the market for Europeans. Users in Germany, the UK, Spain, Croatia, and all other parts of Europe should all look into buying a Maxnomic gaming chair.

Browse chairs in the the Maxnomic EU shop

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